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Nakamura Yutaro compilation
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Author:  Ferran [ Sat May 02, 2020 9:49 am ]
Post subject:  Nakamura Yutaro compilation

I have a... tradition, of sorts. Whenever I get a new piece of equipment (stones, goban, software...) I replay the 2nd game of the final match for the 3rd Honinbo, aka. the Atomic Bomb Game.

I also have a liking for second line players. By the same token there's more to Japanese history than shogun (the imperial families, major and minor daimyo, monks, uprisings, artisans, farmers, jizamurai...), there's more to (Japanese) Go than the Meijin and the Honinbo fortunes. By the same token that a samurai from the back beyond or an artisan struggling in Osaka might tell us more about Japan than the Haiku poet du jour at court, I feel that those players have a lot to tell.

They also have another advantage: within the thickness of a smallish book, you can often get an interesting glimpse of the top players, a bit at a time (ie, not several hundred games in a single bite).

So, today I decided to join both ideas and I got as many kifu as I could find at Waltheri's by Nakamura Yutaro. He reached the 3rd Honinbo final league, died an 8th dan, played against Go Seigen, Kitani Minoru, Utaro Hashimoto, Kaiho Rin, 1st and 9th dans, with and without komi...

Anyhow, see if you find it useful. 63 games, 50 mv / diagram, 114 pages.

Take care. Stay healthy

PS: L19 seems to accept the file but hang on delivery. I hope I didn't mess up a server.

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