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Kita Fumiko compilation
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Author:  Ferran [ Mon May 04, 2020 11:29 am ]
Post subject:  Kita Fumiko compilation

And the last one for now. The first... sôke of Jôryû go... [*]. I'm going to pause for a while: all three of them make a decent book and I'm out of ink anyway.

Kita Fumiko is one of the main people behind the creation of the modern association system, teacher to a generation of female go players, pupil to 3 different heads of the Honinbo and a Meijin; a Hayashi in her own right... Well, check her entry at SL.

Her book of problems is about (next Sunday, I believe) to go public domain even by all expansive readings of copyright. It already was, in Japan, but...

BTW, question to admins: Is it proper to post it here? I extracted it from an epub...

Take care.

[*] I'm grinning, ducking & running, Mr. Fairbairn :razz:

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