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 Post subject: INTRODUCTION - What is this 'Malkovich' stuff?
Post #1 Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 8:10 am 
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A 'Malkovich' game is a one-move-per-post game ( and often a one-move-per-day game) in which players post their moves with an explanation of why they made the move. The term is borrowed from the movie 'Being John Malkovich', in which people can go inside the head of the title character and see what he is thinking. In a Malkovich game, you get to look inside the head of the playes and see what they are thinking when they make their move. A post may often be hundreds of word and several diagrams in which the player examines alternatives and explains why he chose one.

As Vulture observed, "I think it is quite different as a player to explain why you are GOING to make a certain move (without knowing how the rest of the game will play out) versus why you MADE a move."

If you want to play one, see the sticky 'registration' thread.

Back in April 2009, I posted this on GoDiscussions:

One of the things that I would like to be able to see is a match between two high dan or pro level players in which they described their reasoning processes prior to making a move. I imagine each player saying something like the following to his audience: "This group that he threatened can live because of this, this and this ( draws diagram ); so my biggest concern is the safety of this group over here. Now joseki is thus ( draws another diagram) but because of the bleep over there, a less popular joseki like this will be better...etc...etc." He might take a hundred words or so and a handfull of diagrams to describe how he makes the decision.
That's probably going to remain a fantasy.

However, it occurred to me that if I want to see a bit-by-bit decision process that pros use, a beginner would like the parallel opportunity: to see how someone at the high kyu or low dan makes his decision.

( My wife is having two surgeries this month, and I will be stuck at home playing butler/nurse while she recovers. I'm going to be bored. I won't be able to play online because of the constant possibility of interruption, but I will be able to play a slow game. I could put several hours a day into this, but it has to be asynchronous. )

So I'm inviting someone to join me in this. I'm 1D AGA ( probably would be 1K KGS if I played online ) You should be about that strength, or maybe one stone stronger or weaker. We would play a match, one or two moves a day, posted in the beginner's forum. Each post would consist of the board diagram showing the game with the latest move, and a detailed analysis - using the 'hide' function - of why we made that move. At the beginning, of course, the comments might be merely that 'It is joseki', and a reference to Kogo or Sensei's lib. In the midgame it might be hundreds of words with half a dozen diagrams.
We both would probably benefit from this as we would find the weaknesses in our own decision processes, and beginners could benefit from watching and asking questions.

If you are interested in being the other half, please post here or PM me.

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