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 Post subject: 14k vs 15k Game OGS
Post #1 Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 10:44 pm 

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This is my first post here, mainly cause this was a pretty good game in my opinion. I'm playing as white in this game and I lost by 2.5 points. Been having a slump where I haven't really gotten any better so I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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Post #2 Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 11:17 pm 
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Hi a Ntran,

:w12: Good. Shared vital point.

:w14: not so good. Bump your own head into Black.
Bad shape for you, good shape for B -- B hane head of your 2 stones.
( For example, just jump to K17 is better. )

:w16: now you can see the exchange of :w14: - :b15: is not good for you.

:b23: B's turn to make the same mistake as :w14: :)
Get a sense why this move, like :w14: , is not good.
B should drop to S2.

:w24: also not so good. Just fix the cut directly at o3.

:w30: also not good.

:b31: B is happy to reply-block at L7.

We notice a trend -- the same bad habit:
- :w14: - :b15: bumping yourself into B
- :b23: same
- :w24: same, if B replies at M3.
- :w30: same, if B replies at L7.

:w32: your shape is thin (weak) here.

:w46: mistake -- as you saw B punished you.

:b53: C13 better.

:b55: still, C13 better. :) (Amazing the reluctance! :) )

:b73: again, the same bad habit as :w14:, etc. :)
If B plays the B16 hane ( :b77: ) and connect first,
then B's follow-up is not to bump his own head here,
but B can keima to E18 instead.
Study this shape again, along with :w14:, etc.

:b91: :shock:

:w92: See toothpaste.

:w98: See toothpaste.

:white: 100 Less important of the 2 turns: the other turn, Q9, is the big one.

:black: 101 B is happy to just block at Q9.

:white: 112...116 Both sides are fighting over peanuts here,
when C3, huge, is wide open.

 Post subject: Re: 14k vs 15k Game OGS
Post #3 Posted: Wed May 27, 2015 12:41 am 
Dies with sente

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I will try to point out some things that bothered me and that EdLee didn't already correct.

:w18: I really don't like this. Black has... I guess we could call it a mini-high Chinese? Anyway, the right side is more open, and you're helping black get it. Something like Q7 would be better, I think. If he enclose, then because most of his stones are high, you still can do some things to wreck the bottom.

:w34: Very good. Given the left side, this pincer (or the one space high) is natural.

:w38: Maybe hane here? If he cut, you atari at D13 then connect at C13, and so you either cut his group in two or capture the cutting stone.

:w66: Not sure if necessary. I think playing H4 or J4 would be better.

:w84: The knight move isn't the best shape to move out. Attaching to Q13 (either R13 or Q12, though I think here Q12 might be better) might be promising.

:b91: Mistake obviously, your opponent should have sealed you in.

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