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fence post
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Author:  phillip1882 [ Fri Sep 25, 2020 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  fence post

a go variant,
each piece is a fence post that only connect left to right, or top to bottom,
or with two fence post on the same intersection; all four directions.
liberties work in a similar manner as normal go, if you only have a one direction post, it requires only two opponent fence posts to capture.
note adding a 1 direction post adjacent to the same direction post gives no extra liberties.
adding a different direction post adjacent to the other, give 1 additional liberty, and must be "surrounded"
before capture of the original.
pass to end the game.
scoring is the same as normal go.
some example situations
   |--- 3
1 ---|

here, this small group has 4 liberties if its in the middle of the board.
edge    1
--------+ 2

this wall has 2 liberties, if its at the edge.

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