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 Post subject: Rules for Competitive Guess The Move
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I've played this now a couple of times with a few go friends and it's been really fun and educational, so I'm passing it along. We all agreed that it felt like a really excellent use of our communal time as far as study goes. Here are the rules:

  • Pick a pro game at random and load it into SmartGo in Guess mode.
  • Starting with the very first move of the game, the current player guesses the next move of the game. If she's right, she gets a point and play proceeds to the next move (and next player). If not, the next player clockwise gets to guess. Everyone gets to see the hints that SmartGo gives based on previous guesses.
  • If everyone has made n guesses and no one's gotten it right yet, reveal the actual move and move on to the next one (and next player). (I recommend n=1 if you have four or more players, and 2 if you have only two or three.)
  • Play to a fixed number of moves (100 is likely to occupy you for a few hours!) or just stop when you run out of time.

We use stones to keep track of points: Black stones are worth one point and White stones are worth five.

One reason that this works well is that SmartGo has a very nice guess-the-move system; for every guess, it tells you if the correct move is 5 or fewer spaces away (by Manhattan distance), and color-codes the points that the correct move could or could not be. Perhaps other apps do a similar thing; I can only speak for SmartGo.

Sometimes people will get free points for obvious moves, or they'll guess a perfectly reasonable move when the pro chose something different, but it all evens out, so don't worry about it. It's all for entertainment and education anyway :)


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