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Author:  Ian Butler [ Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  One color pro

Go is a game where you can take white or black, and in almost all cases, people play about half their games as white and half as black. Some players may prefer one color over the other, but in the end, you need to be able to play both colors and let your go skill shine either way!

All that is logic. So we all know that ;) now for the illogical part of my brain:
My subconsciousness relates some pros to a very specific color. I think the effect comes after all the most memorable plays from that player were all of the same color, or if I've so happen to review some games from a player and they were all one color, or...

In my case, they are the following:

Go Seigen: black
When I think Go Seigen, I think of him playing with black stones. Most likely because I've once memorised like 150 moves of a game of his, and he was black, and most of that game is still stuck in my head. More so, another review of him I did more recently was also with him playing black.

Takemiya: black
Probably same reason as above: the few games I've seen of him had him at a black majority.

Dosaku: white
Dosaku is white, and perhaps that is because he mostly was white and played handicap more than half his games (if that's correct, I've heard). So that one might be more "real" than the others.

Shusaku: black
I think this one mostly from the prhase: Shusaku didn't lose playing as black. Also, ear reddening.

Cho Chikun: white
Probably because of game reviews, where I've happened to see him mostly playing white.

Kobayashi Koichi: black
Probably the meanest trick my mind pulled on me. I haven't really seen any of his games (I did once but don't remember it), but I think subcounsciously I do it because I know he was Cho Chikun's great rival. Cho is white for me, so Kobayashi is black!

Huang Longshi: white
I actually have no idea why. But it's fairly strong white in my head. Probably because of a game record I've seen...

Lee Sedol: black
This one might be tricky. Maybe because I've compared him with Go Seigen earlier. Maybe because of the broken ladder, maybe because of AlphaGo match game 1, where Lee was white?

Fortunately, those are the only ones that suffer from my strange affection :lol: The other pros I can see playing both colors. I'm sure the above will free themselves of my bias one day soon, too, once I've seen more games of both colors.
Does anybody else have this, or once had this? Or is this just a crazy part of my brain that's spiraled out of control? :D

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