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Sexism in Go #32
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Author:  Javaness2 [ Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:29 am ]
Post subject:  Sexism in Go #32

Recently some guy called Yann Moix told Marie Claire, she's a 1 dan from France, that women over 50 years old were not Sexy. (Note that's not Shexy a la Sean Connery )
Well okay, that's not completely accurate, but it is almost what happened:

Well then, let me get back on track. Today I noticed this amusing detail in the rules of a Seniors Tournament in Slovakia. ... 19.pdf?v=2
Playing system: McMahon, equal games, time: 60 minutes per player + 4 x 30 seconds jap. byo-yomi,
Japanese rules, komi 6.5. (born latest in 1970 is accepted as senior, ladies 1990).
This is a 5-rounds A tournament, going into the rating.

That's men over the age of 48 / 49 , and ... women over the age of 28 / 29 - kind of a Roger Moore Bond -vs- Logan's Run split there.
I'd hasten to add, I don't think there is any ill intention, or sexism involved here. It's probably a selection that is based only on a forecast of respective competitor numbers, meaning that I only posted this because it made me laugh.
P.S. It's a probably a great venue.

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