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 Post subject: what do you mean?
Post #1 Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:08 pm 
John Fairbairn wrote:
jaca: I recognise a fellow provocateur
then you need new glasses. i was not sent here to provoke, but to rally the troops to stop fighting with each other and turn their heads towards the future instead of up their own backsides.

that i have thus far failed miserably is testament to my incompetence as a missionary for Peace, Love and Human Kindness.

John Fairbairn wrote:
but I think you need to be a little more fact based.
so my facts are merely opinions, but your opinions are facts? now where have i heard that before?

John Fairbairn wrote:
Gote doesn't mean what you seem to think it means.
i think you should instead think that Gote doesn't mean what you think i think it means. The problem is in your mind, not mine, for mine is a mine so deep even i can't see what's in it.

John Fairbairn wrote:
You seem to be thinking of "gote no sente," as have great men before you, so that's no shame.
How dare you! that is so presumptuous, 3 times so. No, make that 4, as i have never read "Gote no Sente", but from the title alone, i am definitely never going to either.

John Fairbairn wrote:
You may be interested in looking at e.g. kendo for more details.
ah, you know me so well - how did you know i couldnt give a fig about kendo?

but i will never forget the one and only time i ever saw kendo in real life - the young son of a friend's brother, whom we were visiting, got up very early one Saturday to prepare for his school kendo tournament. The whole family clucked about him as he sat very seriously in deep meditation for what felt like hours. Then we all packed into their car and drove to the school.

There were thousands of pint-sized masked warriors, each with a whole train of attendants, and cameras going off all the time all over the place. We sat, and waited, in the amphitheatre stalls, as bout after bout occurred simultaneously on a dozen mats scattered around the gymnasium, which was large enough to host the Olympic games, for Hero (forgot his real name) to stiffen his sinews, gird up his loins and cry "God for Hari Krishna, Japan, and Saint Augustine!) - this last, in your own great honour, for St Augustine was also a Truth-Seeker with his own idiosyncratic spin on old fairy stories.

Finally, after hours at home, hours on the road, and yet more hours in the stalls, the big moment came, and Hero trotted leaden-footed down the aisle to the battleground and took his place at one end of the mat whilst another masked pint-sizer stood at the other.

We could not see their faces, and dared not imagine the abject terror that lay upon them.

We held our breath.

A single word from the umpire - i could not tell you what that word is, but it sounded like the sort of thing Tricky Dicky would have had blacked-out - and they were off!

Blood-curdling screams - or, rather, a junior's idea of what a blood-curdling scream is - sprang from their mouths as they charged headlong at each other, sticks raised high.


Hero received a tap on the head, a tap so light that any fly receiving one like it would brush it off as off-handedly as any Black Knight, and spit on you in disdain and fly around in a few circles of triumphant "Haha, you can't get me!"...

... but that was it!

It was all over.

John Fairbairn wrote:
As to bowing to the 99% masses over usage,
You are either sufferring from the Kirby disease, a chronic condition which only gets worse over time, or you are an acolyte of Kirby who follows in his august footsteps like a faithful lamb to the slaughter of good sense, - or you are Kirby in disguise!?

i never repeat myself, and i did not say that, i did not mean that, and i emphatically deny ever even having thought that.

That's the trouble with you people, you don't give yourself pause to think before reacting over the top and off the topic, spinning like a whirling servish away from what it's all about, Alfie.

Let me be clear - for it's about time i was, and it would be the first time ever if i ever actually managed to do it:

what i meant was (O, dear God, how many times have i had to say that!), 99% of Japanese people don't speak the King's English, [nor, for that matter, does the King!]

i can be no more lucid than to refer you to the Oracle of Didales who repeated the plain fact of the matter that Grammaring is a process designed to "settle the common people in hurtful ways", which anyone with a lifetime subscription to the Oxford Dictionary of English can look up for themselves, or would be able to if they knew its correct title.

John Fairbairn wrote:
that's a chess player's mindset - all or nothing. I prefer the co-existence of go. I think the best example in (British) English is "chronic." It is used by the masses to mean "very, very bad." Doctors and other educated people use it to mean "persisting long-term." The Oxford English Dictionary lists the etymologically correct but less common version first and the "informal" British usage second, giving as an example "the film was absolutely chronic." That is, it accepts co-existence but makes a gentle implied statement about correctness. But that doesn't always help. How do you interpret "he was a chronic liar": a persistent liar or a very unconvincing one? Or on L19: "we have a chronic problem with thread derailers"? 侵分
this is giving me grey hairs, which in a way is a good thing, because they used to be white. But it's all far too much to cope with without a croisssant, and i haven't even turned on the oven yet.

And i still haven't got around to putting you in your place about what Yose means - but i will. I will.

You have been warned.

 Post subject: Re: what do you mean?
Post #2 Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:24 pm 
Lives in sente

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This is silly!

Arguing whether gote mean "type of move" or "stage of game"

It means BOTH things, which depends on the context.

Referring to a move, it means "boundary play". A play that affects the local score but not the rest of the board.

Referring to the stage of the game, it means when there are only gote MOVES remaining.

A gote MOVE might be the right (most valuable) move before the gote STAGE has been reached. In other words, following that gote MOVE might be a whole bunch of "right" moves that are not boundary plays. For example, a "monkey jump" is a gote move, and especially a monkey jump that is sente, might be the best move long before the gote stage of the game.

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