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Author:  Elom [ Sat Feb 16, 2019 8:32 am ]
Post subject:  Spikiness

A post a while back noted that in food, a smooth balance of flavours in which none overpowers any other is the best result. It could be said that sensitivity is a part of strength. Through play and examples, you get finer graduations of understanding of influence, thickness, honte, and so on, of which a good linguistic definition can be a handy head start (and help avoid having to undo any bad habits of thought).

On translating terms for bot techniques to human equivalents: what if win rates could be interpreted as control of the outcome of the battle, of which a descriptive two-word phrase would perhaps be something akin to board control or game grip* (90% means you feel you have 90% control of the outcome of the game). AI can act as a generalised strong player for finding the best move, but ironically appears to only goes so far until you're actually strong enough to understand them well. Indeed, it's wonderful to have a strong player make excellent analysis' of and with them! So it does make sense that having a strong player or pro to explain moves is still a faster way to get stronger, perhaps only superseded by finding a professional with a similar style that is the evolution of your way of playing. Even weak players appear to have tendency to a certain way of playing, a phenomenon that seems to correlate to personality; maybe it helps to get it fine tuned.

*Strength—both physical and mental—would be the ability to pull your opponent across the line in the tug-of-war; bring their board control down to zero.

Game control seems describe a common NN strategy in chess where they would sacrifice pieces pieces to zombify their opponents; they would control the space and shut down their opponents good options.

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