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The Minor Houses
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Author:  Ferran [ Mon Aug 26, 2019 2:42 am ]
Post subject:  The Minor Houses

I've had some time this weekend to check "400 years of Go in Japan" against GoGoD's summer 2012 database, then branched over SL's wiki, and I have a "brand new" set of questions:

* SL states the Hattori were founded by Hattori Inshuku. However, I have prior games by Hattori Taizo and Hattori Tomisaburo. Do we have the details of that... transition?

* Mizutani: something similar. I have a Mizutani Benzo over a decade before the official founder. Since he's taking stones, I guess he might be the same one under a teen's name...

John F. on SL's Mizutani entry wrote:
[...] (the Hayashis used the cast-offs of the other main families instead) [...] Other examples are Hattori [...], Sakaguchi [...], Suzuki [...] The Yasuis did well because they were richest family under O-Senchi.

There are three items that ping me, here.

* There's an extra family I know nothing of, the Suzuki.

* The character of the Hayashi had to be interesting. Inherent humility or forced by circumstance?

* Similar, but opposite, with the Yasui. AFAIK, the Honinbo received more resources from the bakufu. How is it that the Yasui were richest? Or is it that, only, very time limited to O-senchi's time?

Thanks; take care.

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