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My 60 Memorable Games
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Author:  Javaness2 [ Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  My 60 Memorable Games

You don't have to stretch out to 60, but who were your most memorable opponents?

I can start with one, a dark night on KGS were I came across a woman player. In those days real women still played on the internet. She claimed to be David Fotland's daughter, a man who I had honestly never heard tale of. I have no idea if this was the truth or some strange role playing character they were developing; but I like to think it adds something to my Igowin number.

Author:  EdLee [ Fri Jun 26, 2020 5:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

( in no particular order; there are others, too. )

- a 9-year-old young lady. I lost by 0.5 (even game).
The one yose mistake will likely stay fresh till the end of time.

- a visitor to our club with an unusual mental situation.

- a pleasant surprise of a good friend from 500 miles away.

Author:  joachim [ Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

- me at my first Go congress as DDK and the beautiful 4D-Lady who agreed to play a quick half hour game.

- my only win against a 6 dan.

- my lucky win against an insei freshly arrived home.

- playing at a big tournament in a crowded room against a familiar fellow player. I had a very bad position but tried to hang on and luckily for me the game turned - after which my opponent went berserk and throwed the stones from the board.

- a very short game at the congress against a good friend where my concentration was totally of and I played in the wrong order in a joseki after which the game was over.

- a string of pair go games with a close friend. She was very frustrated after the first week of the congress loosing a lot against children without manner and wanted to stop playing. After the pair go event she was inspired to continue the main.

Author:  Uberdude [ Sat Jun 27, 2020 3:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

Memorable games or memorable opponents?

Author:  Ferran [ Sat Jun 27, 2020 3:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

Uberdude wrote:
Memorable games or memorable opponents?

Since you ask... Yes.

Take care.

Author:  sybob [ Sat Jun 27, 2020 6:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

Most memorable: the time I played a lively old (I think she was 82 yoa at the time) Canadian woman online. Impressive. Her son installed her computer. Nice and friendly chat, lovely lady. It was years ago. I hope she is still well.
Some others, in random order:
- the time I won from my 'angstgegner', a more experienced and stronger club member. It was a turning point for me.
- the time I won from a 4d. I was DDK at the time, it was a partial handicap, it was only a simul game, but still... He resigned before endgame.
- the time I won from my former school teacher who first taught me go when I was young. It took about 40 years (!) before I met him again after finishing school.
- the last time I played our club chairman. He died soon after. It was our last game.
- the time I 'played' a young girl, new at the club, who just made nice shapes like 'butterflies' and 'trees' on the board.
- the time a friend came to my house and we played with my new go set. Lost terribly, but made a splendid evening.
Somehow, online games do not make that much of an impression to me. Excluding the many games I've self-ataried.

Author:  Uberdude [ Sat Jun 27, 2020 9:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

In a vaguely particular order
1. One of my very first games (not even sure if we finished it) when I still struggled to see ataris. My school friend Richard saw the game in the film A Beautiful Mind and got an introductory book by Matthew Macfadyen. Was in his conservatory on the way home from school, played another good friend Andy. Richard actually recently got back into Go and I'm playing him on OGS now.
2. Losing on 9 stones against Matt Scott 1 dan in the first Oxford vs Cambrige varsity go match I played in. I recall being impressed that there were student dan players (and Niall was 2 dan!) as at Cambridge all the dan players I had met were adults (Charles Matthews 3d and Steijn (sp?) a dutch 4d).
3. Beating Matt on even the next year :)
4. Losing in bar low after dame blunder against Simon Mader
5. Losing to Andrew Kay on time in the final of the bar low tournament in a leading position, the start of a tradition... (That's my EGD picture).
6. First time I beat a (nominal) dan player, Tony, at the Cambridge Thursday club.
7. Dying against teacher Will Zhang (chinese 6d, KGS 9d) when he hit the vital point of my big bulge group trying to live in the centre.
8. Group game with Andrew Kay and Will Brooks on KGS during China trip.
9. Playing great wall fuseki on the great wall.
10. Playing racoon dog belly tesuji against Nick Krempel but losing anyway.
11. Playing racoon dog belly tesuji against Junnan Jiang in British Challengers a few years later and messing up later and losing anyway.
12. Outreading Des Cann 5d when I was just a 1d or so in the Candidates (but still lost game).
13. Another Candidates game where I worked really hard to extricate a cutting group in trouble, killed Michael Charles' ponnuki in the centre, then wondered why he didn't answer my obvious sente endgame move and he waited for me to lose on time because I forgot to press my clock. Said some rude words.
14. Rengo game at London open with Andrew Kay and Klaudia against Mateusz Surma and someone else where all 3 of us (and presumably Mateusz too) found and read and under the stones tesuji to save the day.
15. Beating Boris Mitrovich 1d when all my moves had to be knight moves from existing stones on the board at London open party.
16. Decent game against Seongjin Kim 8d at London open few years later (until overtime)
17. 13x13 game in the Sonoyama tournament giving a kid 13 stones, he made a wall down the middle, I lived both sides and won. Andrew Kay then played him and went one better and won by killing the wall.
18. First win against TheCaptain on KGS.
19. Jan Ruuten Budhe (sp?) memorable opponent at Tampere EGC, he had cycled overland from Germany!
20. Playing Antti Tormanen 6d as my reward for winning a lot as a 2d at Tampere. He made corner territory, I made side territories with bad aji like out of Kim Sung Rae after joseki book. He used the aji. I lost.
21. Losing my last game at Tampere to Mikko Nevala. He played some move inside my territory in dame stage of endgame and shouted "Woo hoo!", I thought his move worked and stormed off in a huff and let my time run out. Upon reviewing I found I had a spare liberty we had presumably both overlooked so his move didn't really work.
22. Simul game against Zhong Wenjing 9p at Tampere, the strongest player I'd played til then, was impressive.
23. Played Michael Redmond 9p in a simul at Bordeaux EGC, don't remember my games much, though I do recall a little Tanguy le Calve ~4d beating up Alex Rix next to me.
24. First game at Poland EGC against Natalia Kovaleva 5d, had a good game, her pair Go partner Dmitry Surin was watching and looked worried, but I messed up in overtime pressure.
25. Losing to Koichiru Habu at that EGC in a really long game where I got hungry and played rubbish throwing away a good game, I was rude but he forgave me.
26. Losing by half a point to Denis Karadaban in another really long game where I took a lunch break and we delayed the start of the afternoon tournament in our room.
27. Playing MaAtt crosby outside because it was nice weather at Belfast tournament, he opened at tengen to counter my opening knowledge.
28. First win against Matthew Macfadyen 6d, that legendary player from my first go book. In BGA online league I played a solid game, he overplayed, we had some fight, I read well and took the lead, and then held on against his attempts to complicate in 1 byo-yomi, and then my Dad was banging on my window because I was late to leave for the airport.
29. Tough OGS game against Prodigious that I wrote out on a piece of paper and analysed the yose during train/coaches journeys through the Balkans, came back, applied the analysis and won.
30. My hard-fought win against breakfast 3p on OGS.
31. OGS game against vitality where we copied a pro game, but I was the losing pro so had to find the pro's mistakes and diverge, which I did and took the lead.
32. Another OGS game against vitality where I played mirror go after studying some of Fujisawa Hosai's games.
33. OGS game against Magicwand where I crushed his overplays and that made me join this forum because someone suggested to do it again as a Malkovitch.
34. OGS game against zelaot that was a half pointer and turned into a cool problem
35. Still remember quite a lot of my OGS games against davos, Elin, gomad361 and others,
36. PGETC win against Victor Chow 7d by half a point after a very sweaty yose.
37. PGETC game against some portuguese player where I did Go Seigen's ladder making attachment against the 4-4 pincer take corner and wall joseki and then tricked him with another ladder.
38. Win against Lluis Oh Korean 6d at Brussels, kinda disappointing that so many years later I think this is still my highest rated real life tournament win.
39. Losing to Pavol Lisy 6d next game in a fighting Chinese.
40. Few years later was beating Pavol 1p for about 100 moves in PGETC but couldn't bring home the win.
41. Playing illegal suicide move as ko threat against Koen Pomstra 5d, BGA rules mean it becomes a pass, he kindly agreed to pass too and we continued (and I won and he didn't complain).
42. Playing an old Korean dude with a tricky style at temple stay during time at BIBA.
43. Taking unnecessary risks against Sai at BIBA to make the games more fun. We're married now so I supposed that worked :)
44. Losing to little kid who looked like Lee Sedol in Korean go school.
44. 2nd game of 2013 British championship against Andrew Kay, was a better game than the first (which I only didn't resign because we'd paid Dinerstein to comment it all day) with a big ladder trade, but then lost on time from a bad timesuji as trying to read out a cool kill.
45. A game I didn't play with David Ward 4d before he died from cancer; he'd invited me round to prepare for the 2013 match against Andrew Kay but I never took him up on it, still regret to this day.
46. David's last tournament game earlier in the year against me, as always a tough fight.
47. 1st game of 2015 British championship against Andrew Kay, got a big lead in first fight, game got complicated, lots of kos, much excitement for viewers but very disappointing loss in the end.
48. Won the next 2 games (2nd involved a funny empty triangle) to take my first and (still) only title.
49. Losing a load more British championship games against Andrew, Sam and Daniel
50. Beating Daniel easily at Cambridge club when he was still 1k, but losing on 3h.
51. Beat Kyongnang Kang 7d in even game simul by half a point at a Cambridge teaching day.
52. Losing London pair go with Sai by half a point giving 9 stones to Gerry and Gudrun because black got half point komi and I made an unnecessary teire.
53. Final WAGC game against Emil 5d from Mexico, got lucky when he answered my bluff with lots of people watching as last game to finish, got me a decent place 5/8 finish with terrible SOS.
54. Forfeiting WAGC game because noisy frogs meant I didn't sleep til 4am.
55. Losing last game of KPMC against Radek 5d, if I'd won I'd have 5 wins and a top 10 finish.
56. 2h game against Oh Yujin 6p, almost killed her...
57. 4h game against Shi Yue 9p, lost with yose blunder.
58. Losing by half point against a Taiwanese 6d at the Gold cup in China after a comedy of errors. Lost another by 1.5 I think after bad yose, fate felt against me.
59. Beating LeelaZero with a ladder (retired with 100% record).
60. First real life tournament win against Matthew Macfadyen at Wessex last year, he's a bit rusty now and when he started blitzing to keep time pressure on me in overtime I actually fought better.

Author:  Javaness2 [ Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

My second game, sorry for not listing them all at once, would be with the guy mentioned in this article. ... p_a_joypad
A car ride into Newcastle, a room chock full of computer magazines, and the first time somebody actually introduced me to a playable strategy.

RIP Allan

Author:  Bill Spight [ Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

Well, bridge used to be my game, and I remembered a hand I played at my first North American National Bridge Tournament. I played with pickup partners because nobody knew me. My partner in the mixed pairs (i.e., opposite sex partnerships) was an average club player from Montana. We finished tied for 4th and 5th overall with a pro pair from Dallas. That, and the fact that our pickup team tied for 4th-9th overall in the Swiss Teams made me realize that I was a better player than I had thought. ;) (The top players were playing in the most prestigious event opposite the mixed pairs, but most of them had been knocked out by the time of the Swiss teams, and so had entered that event.)

In the first hand of the event, my partner and I reached 3 NoTrump by uninformative bidding, and I got the lead of a low Spade. I was happy with my play, still am. Bridge aficionados can take a peek.

S: Axx H: Qxx D: xx C: QJxxx

S: QTx H: AKJ D: xx C: ATxxx

The top hand is my partner's. I opened 1NT, showing 15-17 HCP. I only had 14, but added 1 pt. because I had two Tens and a five card suit. My partner jumped to 3NT, which was a bit of a push, as well.

The opening lead was lucky for us, first because the opponents could run at least 5 Diamonds, defeating the contract, second because it guaranteed us at least two Spade tricks. To make 3NT requires 9 tricks, which are there all day if the Club finesse against the King works. Given two Spade tricks we could make 3NT with only 4 Club tricks. So I had the tricks, in theory, if the opponents never took their Diamond tricks.

The opening leader probably had the King of Spades, in which case I could capture the first trick in my hand, lead the Heart Jack to the Queen on the board, and take the Club finesse. OC, if it lost, the opening leader would switch to Diamonds as I had revealed everything else. :lol:

So I eschewed the technical play in Spades and jumped up with the Ace, and then took the Diamond finesse. Which lost. Fortunately, I had been able to play the Spade Ace almost instantaneously, so he thought that I did not hold the Queen. Who gives up a sure trick like that? :lol: He led a low Spade to my Ten and I claimed the contract. ;)

Author:  Charles Matthews [ Wed Jul 29, 2020 7:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

Uberdude wrote:
2. Losing on 9 stones against Matt Scott 1 dan in the first Oxford vs Cambrige varsity go match I played in. I recall being impressed that there were student dan players (and Niall was 2 dan!) as at Cambridge all the dan players I had met were adults (Charles Matthews 3d and Steijn (sp?) a dutch 4d).

Stijn van Dongen. Noticeably strong in those days, still working near Cambridge. I remember him heckling my advice to Black in nine-stone games, from the point of view that you might as well assume Black was the better player.

Author:  Gomoto [ Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games





Hayashi Kozo


6 < 60

6 + 吳清源 spotting > 60

Author:  Gomoto [ Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

... and a man from japan ... every move severe ...

Author:  Joaz Banbeck [ Thu Jul 30, 2020 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

I once had an amusing game against a 6D with a bulky five in the corner. It was all that remained of the eye space of a rather large group of his. I, of course, had played in the vital point.
That group of his was surrounded by an even larger group of mine which had no eye space at all. It had six external liberties.
He knew, without reading, that filling a bulky five takes 8 moves. I had played one move at the vital point. So he figured that he was ahead, 7 liberties to 6.
I hadn't memorized the numbers. So I read it out. I came up with a different count. I thought that I was ahead.

The remainder of the game was bizarre. We both believed that we were the winner of a 100+ point fight, and that the other guy really ought to resign. Both of us were too polite to request that the other do it.
He played wild hyper-aggressive attacks. I defended, conceding a point here and there just to guarantee stability. I assumed that he was making desperate attempts to get back in the game. He - as he told me later - figured that the game was decided in his favor and that he would test out a few ideas on attacking.

You see, in a corner, a bulky five requires only four moves - not eight - to kill:

Click Here To Show Diagram Code
[go]$$Bc Black to kill
$$ - - - - - -
$$ . . X O . . |
$$ . . X O a X |
$$ . . X O O . |
$$ . . X X O O |
$$ . . . X X X |
$$ . . . . . . |
$$ . . . . . . |
$$ . . . . . . |[/go]

I knew this because I had read it out. He didn't because he had relied on memorized numbers. When I played 'a', he resigned.

Author:  Knotwilg [ Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 60 Memorable Games

Joaz Banbeck wrote:

You see, in a corner, a bulky five requires only four moves - not eight - to kill

Amusing story! The 6D would probably not have made the same mistake if the eye space were 4. In the corner this gives 3 liberties and not the usual 5. But somehow this is more visible than with a bulky five

Click Here To Show Diagram Code
$$ - - - - - -
$$ . . X O C . |
$$ . . X O C C |
$$ . . X O O O |
$$ . . X X X X |
$$ . . . . . . |
$$ . . . . . . |[/go]

When thinking about this some more, I realized the 1-1 point is effectively not a liberty of that chain. This can happen on the side too:

Click Here To Show Diagram Code
$$ - - - - - -
$$ . . X X X X |
$$ . . X O O O |
$$ . . X O . a |
$$ . . X O B C |
$$ . . X O . B |
$$ . . X O O O |
$$ . . X X X X |
$$ . . . . . . |[/go]

In this situation, Black can make an "eye in the belly" thanks to the circled point which is not a liberty of the white chain. After Black A, White has 2 more liberties, so in total she has 3. If White plays A herself, then it's a bulky five and there are 8-2 = 6 liberties.

So, if Black has 5 external liberties like here:

Click Here To Show Diagram Code
$$ - - - - - - -
$$ . . O X X X X |
$$ . . O X O O O |
$$ . O . X O . 1 |
$$ . O . X O X . |
$$ . O . X O . X |
$$ . O . X O O O |
$$ . O . X X X X |
$$ . . O O O O O |
$$ . . . . . . . |[/go]

then White should play B1, making the count 6-5 in her favor.

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