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 Post subject: the Touhou Philosophy
Post #1 Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2021 4:12 am 
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Touhou fandom is the embodiment of, "fine, i'll do it myself."
Because they make everything, like music and the remix, a fanmade game, and even an anime series by themselves. And all of that, have a top quality for a fanmade.

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Touhou ITSELF is the embodiment of "Fine, I'll do it myself."

The entire series is made by ONE guy. The music, the story, the art/character design, the programming, etc.

That's why people regard ZUN so highly

John Fairbairn noted that the early fosterers of modern professional go in Japan had a 'fine, I'll do it myself philosophy'. Based on that I see the European professional project positively because they seem to have adopted that attitude. The Nihon Join may have been forgiven for thinking when not aware of all the knowledge at the time that the EGF president just decided to make an opportunistic project after the American one, and therefore, the EGF couldn't be passionate about it and so they'll rely on CEGO for everything, yada yada . . . Not anymore.

When it comes to learning a skill . . .for a few weeks maybe or less I've had on my OGS profile hypothetical doctor/nurse professional dan grades. I realise that being a doctor is a lot closer to being a go player than a normal acedemic but it seems priority is given to how many years training rather than skill, but like in go a person could train for 10 years as a pro and still not be as strong as a person who trained for three years as a pro. The one area experience-oriented certification training seems most appropriate, ironically, is a GP! Coincidentally Sars-Cov-2 delta edition Sent the person who took me to four London opens to ICU. I was wondering what the doctors professional dans were, out of curiousity thinking that the Junior Doctors or new nurses would be the 1p's and high-level nurses and doctors 5p and the consultants would be like the 9p's and like in go the world's top pros would be 10p. Maybe GP's should have to memorise a huge list of rare illnesses.

In learning go in the west and in the east, I don't know if different expectations on when the student is expected to 'do it themselves' is a hidden factor here influencing strength, with even go terms in Asia often having what to do expressed in it while when translated or transferred over to English it becomes just a . . . Descriptive noun. And if a meaning of what to do is preserved it often isn't quite accurate so that it becomes counterproductive, maybe

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 Post subject: Re: the Touhou Philosophy
Post #2 Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2021 8:31 pm 
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"Fine, I'll do it myself" is the proper attitude for fostering long-term growth of homegrown professional leagues. Reliance on foreign Go organizations is good when trying to get off the ground, but grassroots Go leagues are what will allow the professional leagues to grow. It's like fertilizing the soil so the plant can grow.

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