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Author:  jlt [ Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Visualization

bernds wrote:
John Fairbairn wrote:
Is this (working differently) really true?

From this thread it certainly sounds like it is true. My mind produces nothing that I would describe as "gray shadows".

I don't believe I have aphantasia, but I do have trouble forming images in my mind, but I have music pieces on playback all the time. Images are harder, they are fuzzy, and I can only ever get small parts of them in focus, but then I lose the rest of them. Reading on the go board is more like mentally putting down markers - black stone here, white stone here, and it becomes error-prone after a number of moves.

Actually the "shadows" I see are very faint and can disappear quite quickly, so I also put mental markers as you do. When reading a ladder, I imagine putting my fingers on intersections where my opponent puts a stone, and my own stones form gray shadows that disappear after a few steps, so I know if some stones are in atari. This is of course error-prone with complicated ladders which bounce and have a capture at an intermediate step.

When there is a capturing race, I can't visualize the dame being filled internally and externally at the same time, so I watch the internal dame and I count each time I suppose an external liberty is filled.

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