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A weak player analyses with Katago
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Author:  thirdfogie [ Thu Nov 26, 2020 2:28 am ]
Post subject:  A weak player analyses with Katago

This is one of a series of games with Joe Casey. Before Covid-19, we met
once a week to play 2 or 3 games. Since Covid-19, we play 2 games a week
on KGS. The resulting .sgf game records are available from KGS, and have
been analysed with AI, first with Leela Zero and more recently with Katago.
The resulting commentaries are emailed to Joe. (He does not have the
time or the computer resources to do similar analyses, even if he were minded
to.) This particular example may interest other weak players. Since it exists
anyway, posting it was easy to do.

I use old versions of Lizzie, Leela and Katago. They are good enough for our
level, and any attempt to update them might well fail. Others on this forum
have described ways to partially automate analysis with AI to highlight the
biggest mistakes in each game. I have not tried that.

A recurring problem is that the score predicted by Katago swings wildly when
there is a large and urgent point on the board which both players overlook.
Our blindness can last for many moves. The work-around is to report the
predicted score every 10 moves, starting with move 0. Doing this hides the
wild swings, and shows progress in the game we were playing rather than in the
game we should have been playing.

We are both weak: he is about a stone weaker, but wishes to play even games, so
I always play White with no komi. KGS has decided that I am 2 dan, but I am
really 4 kyu (EGF) on a good day. I thought that sending the commentaries to
Joe would enable him to improve and give me a harder time, but it may be that
preparing the analyses helps me more than reading them helps him.
(If you want to learn something, try teaching it...) We are both over 70, so
rapid improvement is unlikely in any case.

The comments may seem excessively didactic and portentous, which I dislike when
other weak players dish it out. The excuses are that the opinions are mostly
backed by AI, and I have enough experience of Joe's play to confidently
identify some of his faults, such as a restricted opening repertoire, frequent
zoku-suji and an excessive liking for playing in the middle of a
one-point jump. My worst weaknesses are ridiculous reading mistakes, "fishing
while the house is on fire" and loss of composure. Plain speaking and lots of
repetition can help learning at our age.

The games typically take an hour, unless there is an early resignation.

For those unfamiliar with KGS, comments preceded by "thirdfogie 2d?:" or
"JoeCasey -:" are from on-line chat during play. Everything else was added
by me afterwards. For those unfamiliar with the English-speaking cultural
milieu, "Lucky, lucky, lucky" is an allusion to the oeuvre of Kylie Minogue.

JoeCasey played black, and white won by 1 point.

tf-jc-16-nov-2020-game-1-from-kgs3.sgf [19.41 KiB]
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