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 Post subject: Re: Following Nakamura Sumire
Post #661 Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2024 2:49 pm 
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Online playing schedule: The OGS data looks pretty so I'll pause for now before I change it.
pajaro wrote:
Sumire is fully adapted to Korea's schedule. Not even a month there, and she has played 5 games so far (AFAIK). More than in Japan.

One of her goals was to play in Korea's Suprem Player League. Supposed to be like the Meijin league in Japan, where the strongest players in Korea play and fight to challenge (and be crushed by) Shin Jinseo. Who else?

Well, she didn't have to wait a lot. Sumire is playing in the league thanks to a wild card. Korea wants to make sure Sumire is seen as a Korean product. In Fox server, she is even playing under Korean flag.

The thing is, I expected her to lose all of her games. Not more than a learning opportunity.

But today, she played Im Sanggyu 2d (3339 in goratings, supposed to be like the 6th player in Japan, Yamashita Keigo). And Sumire won, B+0,5. Her biggest win ever, IMHO, in an individual game, of course.

Sumire is now 1-2. Last year, Choi Jung 9d played too and won 1 game. So at least, Sumire will even that result.

임상규 is 3170, probably mixed up with another player? But it's probably for the best that Sumire is seen as Korean pro as that's where her training

 Post subject: Re: Following Nakamura Sumire
Post #662 Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2024 7:43 am 
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Yes, I made a mistake, and Sumire's opponent wasn't that strong.

But today's opponent was! Park Mingyu 9 dan, 11th player of Korea and 3432 in goratings (right above Kyo Kagen) lost to Sumire by 1.5 points.
I saw part of the game in youtube. Their body language, both of them, was "I am losing". According to IA, both were ahead at different stages, so it could have gone either way.

Sumire is now 2-3 in Supreme Player, while Park is 0-4. Most likely, both will be demoted, but what a great result today.

 Post subject: Re: Following Nakamura Sumire
Post #663 Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2024 3:34 pm 
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A recent win by Sumire:

English Translation (ChatGTP did):

“They said that the hanbok I tried on for the first time at the hanbok shop suited me very well. Even while wearing the hanbok, it didn't interfere with playing Go at all and felt as comfortable as my own clothes.”

Sumire, born in 2009, became a professional Go player on April 1, 2019, through the special prodigy admission of the Nihon Ki-in. Influenced by her father, Shinya Nakamura, a Japanese professional Go player, and her mother, Miyuki, a Go instructor, she started learning Go at the age of three.

From her elementary school years, she frequently traveled to Korea for short-term studies, where she was exposed to advanced Go techniques and culture, gradually blossoming her skills. Her improvement was remarkable. It's no surprise that Sumire, often called the "genius Go girl of Japan," was the first overall draft pick by the new team Pyeongtaek in the soon-to-start Women's Go League.

Sumire’s first day as a professional Go player in Korea was on March 4, marking 101 days since she officially announced her activities in Korea. During these 100 days, she played 51 games, achieving 33 wins and 18 losses.

Here is a brief Q&A with Sumire after her victory.

About the Game
Q: How was the game?

A: In the beginning, it didn't go very well, but in the middle game, my opponent played aggressively, which actually made it a fair match. I think my opponent had opportunities in the endgame too. I was lucky.

First Match Against O Yu-jin
Q: How did it feel playing against O Yu-jin for the first time?

A: Her ranking is much higher than mine, and she is well-known, so I was nervous. Since it was a quick game, it's hard to evaluate based on one match. I want to learn more from her in the future.

Endgame Weakness
Q: There has been talk about your weakness in the endgame. Has it improved?

A: Recently, I've made fewer mistakes, but it's still an issue. I think today I was just lucky to finish well. (laughs)

Japanese Fans
Q: Search queries for 'Namwon' and 'Chunhyang' are surging in Japan. Any words for Japanese Go fans?

A: I'm always grateful for the support from Japan through the internet. Although the Chunhyang Cup is an unofficial tournament, I'm happy to win my first title after about 100 days in Korea. I'm also thankful to Korea for giving me this opportunity and always being kind to me. (I wasn’t asked about the situation in Korea^^)

First Person to Call
Q: Who will you call first? Your dad?

A: My dad probably saw it online, so my mom will likely call me frequently.

Expectations in the Tournament
Q: Did you think you would reach the finals when you entered the tournament?

A: Not at all. I expected Kim Eun-ji and O Yu-jin, the highest-ranked players, to face off in the finals. The semifinals against Heo Seo-hyun were very tough, and O Yu-jin was also a difficult opponent today.

Knowledge of Chunhyang
Q: Do you know much about Chunhyang?

A: Honestly, I didn't know anything when I came down here (laughs), but yesterday I learned a lot about Chunhyang while taking pictures at Gwanghallu. I understand that she is the most beloved person in Korea. This place has good air, and I believe there were many beauties like Chunhyang in the past.

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