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advanced endgame trick
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Author:  dhu163 [ Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:28 pm ]
Post subject:  advanced endgame trick

The game starts off a grand contest between B territory and W influence.

While :b37: is huge, I'd like to tenuki, so I find :b45: questionable. The direction of play of :b39: seems off too, I think approaching from the bottom is better, as this group is too weak. I think W gets the lead, but :w54: seems like a serious mistake, the shape is just too bad, and B ends up wiping out W's centre influence and replacing it with B potential, and I don't know what to think any more afterwards.

But the highlight for me is the fighting over last few kos, and then move 260. A complicated, but critical sequence in a 0.5 point game. It looks like a small cute endgame problem, but it took me a while to unpick the maze of variations.

I had thought for a while that B seemed to have made a mistake at move 263 in not ending the ko, perhaps B could have won by 1.5 point, but eventually found the correct line (I think!), and found that B did make a mistake, B should have won by 0.5 point.

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