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 Post subject: AI assistance
Post #1 Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:18 am 

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There have been a few games with pros using AI bots as assistants. One such event for women + Yi-Tianrang is now at the final stage in the Wutai Mountains, and may therefore have been televised.

Has anyone in China seen (or read) how these events work? The current event (the Zhongheng Cup) is clearly a side-show to the Women's Weiqi League taking place at the same time (same players), and the time limits are just 45 minutes each. But still...

Are there restrictions on the number of times or the way the computer can be used? Presumably both pros see the same analysis, or do they just get a list of candidate moves (+ winrates). Do the players have to input their own moves? Can they try out variants themselves? Any significant cases of the human outshining the AI?

It may simply be pair go, of course.

 Post subject: Re: AI assistance
Post #2 Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:28 am 
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As shown in the following picture from an earlier stage of this event:

KXUE-hcikcew6690298.jpg [ 57.35 KiB | Viewed 1623 times ]

 Post subject: Re: AI assistance
Post #3 Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:37 am 
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I don't know anything about AI-assisted tournaments in the go world. However, this concept has been around for quite a while in the chess world, where it is known as "Advanced Chess" (or "centaur chess" or "cyborg chess"):

When this is done with chess, typically each human player can just consult their computer as much as they wish within their time limits, and they are ultimately in charge of selecting the move. Also, they are using separate computers, which might even be running different software depending on the competition arrangements. Essentially, it is just a game between humans, where they can each individually use a computer as a tool. Of course, other formats are possible, but I imagine that AI-assisted go would follow a similar model.

Here is an interesting article that points out that for several years, a skillful human aided by a computer would consistently beat a chess AI program playing alone (hence, the human was still adding value in the partnership), but eventually, chess AI has gotten so good that it just plays better without human intervention slowing it down and getting in the way. ... ss-2013-11

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 Post subject: Re: AI assistance
Post #4 Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:31 pm 
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It is simply pair Go.

The games are co-organized by Sina Sports and Women's A-League, with the assistance of Leyou Entertainment(乐游互娱) and Tianrang AI(天壤智能). 4 stages have already been played in Bijie, Pingjiang, Mohe and Wutai Mountain, which yielded 4 stage champions Lu Jia, Yin Qu, Tao Ran and Li He. They will play for the overall championship in Kunming at the end of November.

From what I have read, each stage was a 3-day event as a sideshow for the A-League games. There were 16 A-League players participating in each stage, and at least one player from each of the 10 A-League teams. Round of 16 and 8 were played on the first day on computers, while semi finals and final were played on the last two days at 7pm on real boards, with the referees playing the AI moves. Time control were 30 minute main time plus three 30 second byoyomi for each player for round of 16 and 8, and 45 minutes main time plus same byoyomi for the semi finals and final. There were no indication of the time used by the AI, only that it will be using the same version and time scheme for each game.

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