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 Post subject: New Hall of Famers
Post #1 Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:15 am 

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The 2019 inductees in the Nihon Ki-in Hall of Fame are Sakata Eio and Cho Nam-ch'eol.

The other nominations were Inoue Dosetsu Inseki, Okubo Toshimichi, Takagawa Kaku, Nakamura Doseki and Karigane Junichi.

Details of all these people can be found in the GoGoD Names dictionary, also available in SmartGo.

 Post subject: Re: New Hall of Famers
Post #2 Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 11:06 am 

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I don't know much about the Hall of Fame, but if you'd asked yesterday, I'd have simply assumed Sakata was already there.

How many inductees have there been?

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 Post subject: Re: New Hall of Famers
Post #3 Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 11:48 am 

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Abridged from the GoGod Encyclopaedia:
In May 2004, the Nihon Ki-in announced that, as part of its 80th anniversary celebrations, it would be opening a Hall of Fame. Building work would start in July and the expected opening date was to be 15 November 2004, in the basement of the Nihon Ki-in itself, in Ichigaya, Tokyo. It went to plan and is now open.

The first members inducted into the Hall were announced on 28 May 2004. These were Honinbo Dosaku, Honinbo Sansa, Honinbo Shusaku and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Election committees

The initial Induction Committee consisted of 18 members representing: the Nihon Ki-in's officials and players; people from government, the financial world and the civil service connected with go; people from the cultural sphere and mass media.

Under the original formulation, the induction committee is meant to meet once a year in late May for one hour. (The first meeting was held on 28 May 2004 in the Senshin-no-ma room at the Nihon Ki-in). They have to consider up to 10 candidates submitted in advance by the Nomination Committee. The inductees are determined according to the votes of the Induction Committee.

Initially, each member who opted to participate entered a vote for up to 5 candidates on the ballot paper. The votes were totalled and any candidate named on 75% or more of all ballots cast was inducted (this procedure is similar to that of the original Hall of Fame, the Baseball Home of Fame in Cooperstown, USA). The various figures have since been altered, but the principle remains the same.

In the first year the candidates were limited to personages of the Edo period. For Year 2 they were to be limited to the Edo and Meiji periods.

Once inducted, the candidate is honoured by having a relief bronze bust sculpted for permanent display in the Hall of Fame.

The subsequent inductees were:

2005 Honinbo Jowa
2006 Honinbo Shuwa, Baron Okura
2007 Honinbo Shuho
2008 Honinbo Shuei, Honinbo Shusai
2009 Segoe Kensaku
2010 Kitani Minoru
2011 Iwamoto Kaoru
2012 Yasui Sansetsu, Chen Yi
2013 Kita Fumiko
2014 Hashimoto Utaro
2015 Go Seigen
2016 Kanren, Inoue Genan Inseki
2017 Masaoka Shiki
2018 Shoriki Matsutaro
2019 Sakata Eio, Cho Nam'cheol

I've run out of fingers and toes but I think that makes 24 inductees in all.

As you can see, unlike the baseball HoF it helps if you are dead, though Go Seigen exceptionally was offered the honour while he was alive but declined. You can't really quibble with any of the choices, although Yasui Sansetsu got in way too early just because of a 2010 book and film about his life as a famous astronomer (though through that connection he is credited with introducing tengen), and personally I think Shusaku also jumped the queue.

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 Post subject: Re: New Hall of Famers
Post #4 Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:05 pm 
Lives with ko

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John Fairbairn wrote:
2014 Hashimoto Utaro


Take care.

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 Post subject: Re: New Hall of Famers
Post #5 Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 3:10 pm 
Dies with sente

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If you consider fact that Hashimoto Utaro was founder (or rather main co-founder, he didnt found it alone i guess) and first director of Kansai-Kiin, case is pretty obvious imho. If someone is not an socialist, he knows that its better to have 2 competing Kiins, rather than 1.

However really strange is lack of Honinbo Satsugen Meijin-Godokoro there. I guess this big mistake will be fixed soon.

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