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Weird combo
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Author:  John Fairbairn [ Sat Aug 26, 2023 8:03 am ]
Post subject:  Weird combo

Komatsu Daiki 4-dan (born 1990 and son of two pros) has recently become the first go pro to be simultaneously a majong pro. The shogi 9-dan Suziki Daisuke beat him to the punch by qualifying with a different majong organisation in May. Qualification is by means of a "pro test" and qualified players then take part in a league.

It might be argued that Komatsu is not quite a pukka go pro now in that his main activity in go is teaching at the Osaka Children's Igo Dojo, but he does still play (as do both parents) in normal tournaments and is 13-6 for the year so far.

Japanese majong is not quite the same as the game usually played in the west. The relationship is something like that of bridge to gin rummy.

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