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Attachment to 4-4 small knight enclosure
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Author:  jouseki [ Fri May 31, 2019 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Attachment to 4-4 small knight enclosure

(hoshi kara kogeimajimari ni tsuke)

I've been studying this position several days ago and I decided to compile an SGF with variations while doing so.
I couldn't find a place that has all the variations of this position in one place, and josekipedia entry is extremely embarrassing and should be deleted (dead corners and mistakes are marked as ideal move, etc).

The format is as follows: moves are marked as 1-2-3-... and if all reasonable variations lead to white getting sente or gote, it is stated exactly after. Then comes a short description of what comes after the move, including the side which gets to change the direction. It always says "white sente/gote" because white is the owner of the corner initially.
For example: 2 - white sente, black chooses to go out or live in the corner
Translation: all variations following "2" will lead to white's sente, but black gets to decide whether he wants to go out or live in the corner.
For example: 3 - white decides to take the outside or to take the corner
Translation: some variations following "3" end in sente for white, and some end in gote, but white gets to decide whether to take the outside or to take the corner.

Please if you know any variations that weren't mentioned here, post them and I will edit the post. But please include the source to your variation.



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