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Individual Lessons For Kyu Players
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Author:  Gelya [ Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:54 am ]
Post subject:  Individual Lessons For Kyu Players

Hi everyone,

I'm Alex, currently 1d (almost 2d) UA/EGF, 2d on KGS and 5d on Tygem/Fox.

I would like to offer individual lessons with commentary.
Prices (can be discussed):
A. $10 per lesson (about hour and a half).
B. $7 per hour.

Target level of a student: 3k-16k KGS or a beginner with a strong desire to learn Go.

Lessons can include (it depends on students needs):
* private games with online commentaries,
* reviews of the games (previously sent to email or any social network)
* lessons on fuseki, joseki, life&death, yose and tesuji (or any other student questions)

Preffered time: 7.00pm-12.00pm UTC+2 (Europe: Kyiv/Ukraine evening)
Prefferable teaching platform is KGS/OGS + Skype/Telegram/Viber (voice)

If you are interested, please contact me via:
email -
facebook - link
skype - gelyaprodan
telegram - @jumpman24

Playing accounts (if you are interested to see):
KGS - Gelya, jumpman23
OGS - Gelya
Tygem/Fox - jumpman23
EGF - link

About myself:
Started to play Go since 2009. With help of my teacher, I became 1d in 2013, winning my first tournament. From 2013 continually participating in tournaments.
From 2009 I have read many books about fuseki, joseki, life&death and tesuji, so I have good theoretical knowledge on these aspects of the game.
Since 2013 I have helped many people to improve thier game by commenting their games and giving them advices.
The best of them are now at level of 1-4 kyu EGF.
Achievements: 4 times winner of Kharkiv Championship 2013-2017, winner of Cup of Kyiv 2016, participated in semifinals of the Championship of Ukraine 2016.

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