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LeelaZ autoplay can't connect
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Author:  Ferran [ Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:53 am ]
Post subject:  LeelaZ autoplay can't connect


sorry, but I've done this trice too many.

I have leelaZ running on background. My graphics card is barely able, but, well, I'm not using it, and apparently it's useful enough for the Leela project. Thing is, autogtp keeps crashing. I'll leave it running, check out some hours later and find the dreaded line

*ERROR*: Could not talk to engine after launching.

Now, whatever help I've been able to find online basically boils down to "purge and recompile"; sometimes, it requires a system reboot, too. Now, I was more or less grudginly doing it, assuming it had a reason (mind you, having to do it every single time some odd bit of the sytem updated was a pain in the ass).

However, I just reinstalled from scratch on Saturday. I have done no OS updates since. And yet, sometime tonight, it spewed "ERROR: Could not...". LeelaZ itself WORKS. It's the damn autogtp, apparently? Some option? LeelaZ on text mode generates moves, anyhow, and connects to qGo... but doesn't connect to Sabaki, with the same command line options. It does connect to lizzie's graphics interface tool.

What am I missing? I'd rather know what than a simple "execute X and reboot"; it's going to come up later.

Sorry and thanks; take care.

Do you guys know what's happening?

ADD-ON: In the time I wrote this, leela started core-dumping, I did a reinstall of a C library and started working again. I had NOT touched those libraries recently (certainly not in that work-disconnect-work-disconnect-dump core cycle). So, the question remains... WHY is it doing it?

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