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2021 World Go AI championship tournament
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Author:  0714952377 [ Tue Jun 29, 2021 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  2021 World Go AI championship tournament

After months of waiting, 2021 Go AI championship tournament is ultimately come out!

2021 World AI Weiqi Tournament

Translated By Noriyuki Kimura

Chinese Weiqi Association, Fuzhou City Government

Fuzhou Bureau of Sports, Gulou District Government
Changle District Government, Fuzhou Weiqi Association

Japanese Ki-In, Korean Baduk Association;
European Go Federation;
American Go Association;
Fujian Province Weiqi Association

June- December 2021

Preliminaries:AI Tournament Platform (Online)
Finals:Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China


June 21 - July 12 14:00 : Application and Registration.

From 18th July to 4th December:
Preliminaries (Online) 4 teams to be chosen from Swiss pairings. (The specific time will be notified in advance)

From 30th November to 4th December:
Finals, Closing Ceremony


1. Open for application.( Please find below how to apply) Organizing Committee will audit of the qualifications.
2. Encourage original Weiqi program, while open source Weiqi program, modules or libraries are also welcomed.
3. Free accommodation for Chinese participants, up to 2 people per team. Teams from other countries are invited to play games online, including the finals.

The championship trophy is marked with the inscription "2021 World AI Weiqi Tournament Champion (Fuzhou)". The prize money (before tax) for top 8 teams is listed below:
Rank 1 2 3 4 5-8
Prize ¥120,000 ¥70,000 ¥50,000 ¥20,000 ¥10,000


1. The board configuration is 19 by 19. According to the Black/white win rate of past AI Weiqi world competitions, the rules of 2008 World Mind Sports Games are adopted. i.e., the komi is defined at 6.5 points if black pass first, the komi is defined at 7.5 points if white pass first.

2. If a competitor is late (not present) after the initial 20 minutes of each round, the competitor will lose by forfeit by default. 2 games or more, the competitor will be deemed to have abstained from the competition, and considered as give up all the prize money.

3. If one side resigns or both sides pass successively, the game will be regarded as ended. The final score is confirmed after the reexamination by the chief referee. The chief referee has the final say on the game's ending and scoring.

Note: specific date is
Pre semi final : July 18th 2021~July 20th 2021
Semi final : November 30th 2021~December 4th 2021
Semi final location : WuqingYuan Go club, Fujian, China
Prize: 120000 CNY is 18583. 62 USD
70000 CNY is 10840 USD
40000 CNY is 6194. 54 USD
20000 CNY is 3097. 27 USD
10000 CNY is 1548. 66 USD

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