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Lizzie Command Line Partial Syntax
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Author:  RobertJasiek [ Mon Jun 12, 2023 1:20 am ]
Post subject:  Lizzie Command Line Partial Syntax

General Remarks

The syntax applies to Windows and KataGo OpenCL, CUDA and TensorRT.

After setting the Lizzie Engine command line, it is sometimes necessary to close and restart Lizzie.

Some names of model files look like <model_name>.gz instead of <model_name>.bin.gz

Basic Syntax

<path>\<katago_file_name>.exe gtp -model <path>\<model_name>.bin.gz -config <path>\<gtp_file_name>.cfg


C:\katago\katago.exe gtp -model C:\katago\b18.bin.gz -config C:\katago\gtp_custom.cfg

Syntax with or without Blank(s)

"<path>\<katago_file_name>.exe" gtp -model "<path>\<model_name>.bin.gz" -config "<path>\<gtp_file_name>.cfg"


"C:\katago\katago.exe" gtp -model "C:\katago\b18.bin.gz" -config "C:\katago\gtp_custom.cfg"

"C:\kata go\katago.exe" gtp -model "C:\kata go\b18.bin.gz" -config "C:\kata go\gtp_custom.cfg"

"C:\katago\kata go.exe" gtp -model "C:\katago\b 18.bin.gz" -config "C:\katago\gtp custom.cfg"

"C:\kata go\kata go.exe" gtp -model "C:\kata go\b 18.bin.gz" -config "C:\kata go\gtp custom.cfg"

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