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A look at my go board building experiences and ideas.
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Author:  justtysen [ Mon Mar 08, 2021 1:14 pm ]
Post subject:  A look at my go board building experiences and ideas.

Edit: Thread Update: This project was ultimately abandoned. I've removed the accompanying videos as I became uncomfortable with their presentation and even began to question the value of the information presented.

I'm setting out on a new go board project and I figured it might be useful or at least entertaining for someone to see my travails. I've made one board before which I consider a success for my ability level and so I recorded a discussion of that past process and result and then a discussion of my reasons and goals for building a new board. It's all pretty informal and I embody the ignorance of amateurish woodworking skill, but it's all stuff that I found interesting enough and am grateful when others provide these kinds of vantages into their personal thinking so here it is. I look to add a couple videos latter as the new board is made step by step, though there is no strict timeline for that.

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Author:  justtysen [ Sat Mar 27, 2021 5:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A look at my go board building experiences and ideas.

Made some progress cutting the blocks down in to smaller segments ready for the more delicate work. I quickly discovered that I had made an error in estimated yield per block. This necessitated a change in the design, which is itself evolving as experience illuminates possibilities and constraints. It all seems for the best, but for this video I stick to focusing on completing the initial step of rough dimensioning the blocks. It is the unglamorous but necessary labor that fills the gaps between larger design decisions.

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Author:  bogiesan [ Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A look at my go board building experiences and ideas.

Japanese tools such as ryoba and dozuki are part of a centuries-old woodcraft tradition. I love mine but cannot make a precision cut with either model. Are you going to use the endgrain for the surface? There are reasons go boards are not generally made that way but there is no reason to stick with the Oriental aesthetic in the least. Go for it, post more clips, think very carefully about the grid application.

Bowls? protective Cover?

Author:  justtysen [ Sun Mar 28, 2021 1:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A look at my go board building experiences and ideas.

Thanks for the encouragement bogiesan!

I'm aware my design is neither the ideal for structural or traditional reasons, but I'm looking to experiment with the visual representation of the game. I have a sturdy, more plain board already so it is not a project of productive necessity. If the result has structural problems I will find a way to fix them and I'm not bothered if it ends up looking bodgy. My goal, beyond just keeping my lonesome-self busy, is to gain much needed hands-on experience and see if there is any aesthetic validity to my mental image.

The plan for grid application is to use the glue lines as the grid. So one block per grid rectangle, each with minutely chamfered edges and adhered using a darkened PVA glue.

The cuts in the video were not that precise. I chose the pull saw primarily for its reduced kerf and thus presumably reduced dust count. I work in my bedroom so dust is of paramount concern. I plan to do the final edges with a pair of gent saws and small miter boxes.

Bowls seem difficult without a lathe. Thankfully I have some commercial bowls that I am quite happy with.

bogiesan wrote:
I love mine but cannot make a precision cut with either model.

Have you made a go set before?

Author:  justtysen [ Tue Mar 30, 2021 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A look at my go board building experiences and ideas.

Alright bit of a hiccup. As I got more invested in the project I started putting too much pressure on myself. This attempt to share my experience is certainly a compounding challenge for me. I've bought new tools, come up with new-to-me techniques, and jig ideas, and also run up against the guideline I've set on not buying any wood. Due to the pandemic I feel iffy scavenging wood (I know fomite transmission seems minimal but I can't justify the assumed non-zero risk to myself) so that means severe limits on my materials. As it stands I think I risk wasting materials and effort on something disappointing. As such I've decided to give myself a break and shift to making a 9x9 board. I've been going back to basics and playing 9x9 games against AI recently anyway. This alleviates several strains I've been feeling regarding methods for clamping and gluing. My consideration of using dowel rod joints is also much more viably inline with my production capabilities now. Overall, reducing the multiplicity of each step means I can assign more care and raw material consumption to each individual part, increasing my chances of a good outcome. I hope to see how some of my design ideas play out and a 9x9 board is sufficient to demonstrate most of them. I kind of hate having to report a change of course as drastic as this since it seems like a failure to live up to the intrinsic hype of publication, but this is what I would be doing if I weren't sharing and I have no substantial motives for sharing beyond wanting to add to the collective knowledge of the site. Reassessing, reprioritizing, and setting manageable goals are all things I've looked to the game Go to get help with and, lo! even without an opponent, the board abides.

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