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What methods have you ACTUALLY TESTED to get new members?
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Author:  Aidoneus [ Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:30 pm ]
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EdLee wrote:
vinyl 9x9 boards, but they only sell to clubs affiliated with them.
For 9x9 for beginners, compare the time-cost-postage with home-laserprint 9x9 laminated at a local store ( Fedex/Kinko's? ).

From our experience, unless you have a regular attendance of over 10 beginners, we rarely need more than just one 9x9. Anyone with any remote interest will advance past 9x9 within a day or two, from our experience.

Ed: Thanks again for your input. I have a wood 9x9 board, but it is hard to beat $1 for vinyl boards! Good enough for group instruction with children.

Knotwilg: You have some interesting suggestions. In particular, we just talked about setting up a study group at OGS.

Bill: Thanks for the welcome back! I think that I will email AGA about using an online rating (OGS, KGS, Tygem, etc.) as a preliminary rating. Otherwise, I don't see how a group of unrated players can ever advance to realistic rating levels. At least until a Go tournament comes to Chicago or Indianapolis. I think that I read at Anders blog that the next Go Congress will be in Wisconsin. We might be able to plan a group trip, depending on the costs.

Author:  Aidoneus [ Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:20 am ]
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EdLee wrote:
But YMMV; curious to hear about your meetup experience over time; good luck.

While we get 1-2 new "members" each week through, none of them have ever shown up. In fact, based on their listed interests, I think they are looking for a different type of "meet up."

While at a local mall today for watch repair, I asked one of the (Chinese?) men working there if he played weiqi. He said no. I also asked another (Korean?) man waiting around if he played baduk. He started talking to me in Korean (I guess!) and shook my hand, so I explained that I did not understand him. He said he didn't play but asked me if I played mahjong. I apologized, by the way, as asking every East-Asian if they play Go might seem a little racist, though no one expressed any animosity--maybe I look too old and nerdy to take offense? ;-)

In any case, I registered for my first Go tournament, in Evanston on November 10. What's a little humiliation?!

Author:  sybob [ Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What methods have you ACTUALLY TESTED to get new members

Knotwilg wrote:
So the main message is: focus on the staying, not the coming.

I concur with most of the suggestions, but I am not sure about this quote.

I think it is both.
Think of it marketing/business wise: you want to hold on to existing customers and have them return, but also want to attract new ones.

As someone who is active for an existing club, I found focus on the staying is very important.
But we also wanted to attract new members (adults).
For this existing club, we also wanted to newly establish a youth department. As we did not have youth/children (yet), we had to focus also on the coming.
I am also active in trying to establish a new club (for adults), at another place, focus on the coming was/is key, as there were no players at all yet and no location or schedule.
In both situations, visibility, activity, atmosphere and word-of-mouth are very important.

Wish you best!

Author:  sybob [ Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What methods have you ACTUALLY TESTED to get new members

We recently tested a Facebook ad (paid).
Yes and no pleased with the results.
Yes, it generated many (and I mean: really many) pageviews for our goclub on Facebook and several 'likes'.
No, we did not attract new members.

If it is about visibility and awareness, perhaps create some goodwill, a Facebook ad helps. But do not expect to attract (many) new members.
Any similar experiences/views with Facebook ads?

Author:  Gomoto [ Fri Apr 26, 2019 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What methods have you ACTUALLY TESTED to get new members

Once a year there is a japan festival in our local botanical garden. Our club is represented there and introducing the game to the visitors. This works quite well, we have got several new members that way.

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