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 Post subject: Xianshochess!
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After a generalised version of Elephant chess . . .
Xianshochess! You can open odg's with Libre Office
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The aim is to be first to capture both your opponents general and king. At the end of the game, victory points are awarded according to the proportion of kings captured on each side, so if you win but lost your king or general, you'd get 2/3 victory points and the opponent will get 1/3 victory points. However, as in Xianggqi, if the general was captured via a flying manoeuvre, then a quarter of the points from the general capture that would have gone to the capturer instead go to the captee. This makes the victory point allocation deliciously more sophisticated! (For example, if in the same scenario as earlier you actually capture your opponent's general through a flying manoeuvre, the the victory point allocation for you is 7/12 and for your opponent it's 5/12.)

When the game starts, the first 12 moves for each side are placing any of 11 pawns on the row second from the centre, and then the last pawn anywhere on the third row from the centre. Rules for all the pieces are essentially exactly as they are in Xianggqi, Shogi, and Chess, including the Shogi drop rule, and shogi pawns promoting when they reach the last three points. The Chess king can castle with the Xianggqi rooks according to chess castling rules! The only difference is that here isn't an unlimited supply of pieces for chess pawns to promote to. Pawns only promote to pieces that have been captured, and two of the hybrid chess pieces start off as captured, while the queen starts on-board. At each turn, instead of moving a piece, a player can place a baduk stone, and again the rules are the same as in baduk. Once on the board they can be captured by other pieces in the same way as every other piece. However, together your baduk stones can capture your opponents pieces or groups of your opponents pieces, including baduk stones, in exactly the same way as in baduk. So a chess piece and a baduk stone of the same colour are orthogonally adjacent, they can be captured by six stones of opposing colour, exactly as in baduk. The only restriction on baduk stones is that they can't placed down if it blocks a check made by the opponent on their last turn.

Don't mind the shogi King General, it's just there for decorative completion. You could say it represents you playing.
Sente and Gote is determined as in Shogi. Black is normally first but white can be first.

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