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 Post subject: Finally SDK quality? (#2)
Post #1 Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 3:00 am 
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I have three games to share I played earlier today (and one from earlier this weekend).
Conditions were not optimal, meaning it's mostly between blitz and live, with moves never taking over 15 seconds. So actually fairly blitz.
That doesn't mean the games weren't serious attempts. I do feel that blitz is also a valid method of "training" Go, as long as you don't always do it.

Anyhow, what's most interesting for me is that, after slowing down my Go progress immensily, I feel I've really passed the DDK bar for good this time. If you win games against DDK while blitzing (opponent wasn't necessarily blitzing and used his time far wiser than me... Not the issue here), I think it's safe to say my Go instincts are of SDK quality.

I request game reviews in order to have stronger players point out moves that don't belong in the SDK range. Unfortunately, there is hardly anything to say about my reading in these games, as per the blitzing, but it's mostly about: eye for sente, large moves, direction of play...
The games I lost playing like this (against 7kyu, 4kyu...) I have already reviewed with Leela plenty myself and the message there is: non-sente move kills my pace and ruins the game. I post the games I won here, because mistakes are less likier to have been punished.

For practical reasons, I'll split up the games in 3 different threads.

(I am MeesterJonas - my profile for playing in the classroom with the Go club :lol: )

Game 2

A game where I think I win because I valued what's important/big more than my opponent. Also some decent L&D situations that helped the game along for me.
:b75: seems like the winning move to me. Of course that's always hard to say, but it felt so in the game, big turn.

I also feel I played patiently this game, not getting worked up about putting that wall to use immediately. (in the end, I didn't put it to use very effectively, but still collected enough points to win.)

 Post subject: Re: Finally SDK quality? (#2)
Post #2 Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 5:08 pm 
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Here are some of my thoughts, but take everything I say with a grain of salt.

:b17: : Is the exchange of black F1, white c2 good for black? Probably not, as it kills a lot of aji/forcing moves against the corner.

:b27: Clever. I like it

:b41: Just play the hane to seperate the stones/block the right side. In the game, white could settle very easily.

:b93: Just must play T8 if you want to kill the white group. There is no cut at S3 and not every opponent will let his group die like that.

:b97: You take the chance and kill the group to win. Very good

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