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Direction of play / Sente
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Author:  Ian Butler [ Sun Dec 06, 2020 4:11 am ]
Post subject:  Direction of play / Sente

A game where I played black, against an 8kyu. The game was easy in the sense that white just build up a lead slowly but steadily.
Trying to review it myself, I think I made a mistake on mainly 2 points:
- Sente
- Direction of play

I hope to get some input from stronger players. Here is my analysis and I've underlined the questions I have for you.

This is what I think:

I think black (I) played some very slow moves, giving away sente, early on.
:b33: was slow. Group is already alive. Am I correct in this assumption? Is this too slow, or a thick and solid move?
:b43: is a coward's move. But without superior reading skills, I feel it's excusable.
:w48: stumped me. Maybe it's joseki, maybe it isn't, but the following sequence didn't exactly make me happy. I was down on the second line, giving away too much influence. How could I have handled this better?

Direction of Play
:b57: seems a bit off. I feel like even locally there are better moves, and globally it's too small. But it breaks a big potential moyo by white, so maybe it's okay.
:b59: is this a good move? It enlarges black's area but white is the one with the most potential, so should I just come in instead? OR is it already too late and is it pointless to review from this point? Did black give away too much influence in the opening?

Additional questions
I appreciate any input you can give me. There wasn't much reading in this game, though, this was mainly played blitz-y for the purpose of direction of play.
If you'd like to help, I have a few more additional questions:
IS there a particular move where you say: this is where black starts losing the game? Or is it rather an entire attitude that costs black this game? (passivity for example? Bad direction of play?...)

Thanks to anyone who is willing to help. :bow:

Author:  Soromon [ Sun Dec 06, 2020 8:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Direction of play / Sente

Move 9: Consider P16 as a way of taking back sente, especially this early in the opening it is worth a lot to have the initiative to play at Q10 or E16. This is one of the innovations coming from AI.

Move 33: Correct, there is no cut available. Maybe H16 instead, or J3.

Move 41: Think about playing L15 here - what are white's stones doing? Try to attack them in a useful way to negate white's wall on the top - in the game they become useful and earn many points.

Move 43: Correct, you can always used that move as an escape, in the meantime stretch to J17 for a base and deny white the top.

Move 48: This seems reasonable, since at 47 you could have backed off to C7 but chose the corner instead.

Move 83: Just connect. Your goal was reducing white's bottom - there is plenty of room to run and white is also weak in the center.

Move 85: K9 is essential here, this is your last chance. You have sacrificed much by letting white cut at K4, so now you must get compsensation. In fact, the whole reason you allowed white to have territory on the top with K17 and J14 was so that you could have a wall there - now use it to attack. The white stones are in your house, make them suffer, at most they should live with 2 eyes.

Author:  Ian Butler [ Wed Dec 09, 2020 2:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Direction of play / Sente

Thanks, Soromon, for your answers and extra tips. I can see how connecting with 83 was big. In game, I thought I had broken the moyo enough and could just connect and give up the tail. But it was a wrong judgement :) Maybe there was some fear of being attacked, but I didn't see white wasn't that strong either in the middle. It's a recurring thing for me: not seeing my opponent's weakness and seeing my own stones as weaker as they are, often.

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