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Do computer programs feel festive?
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Author:  kvasir [ Sat Dec 23, 2023 12:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Do computer programs feel festive?

Another trolly subject title, or maybe not?

I played this game on 3 stones with KataGo (in my usual setup). After many tries and having convincing myself that no dragon is big enough not to die when I you are as clumsy as I am, the Christmas mood had the better of KataGo. It let me win. I mean I won! :D :D :D

After :w63: it seemed to me this was the moment to make sound in the east and strike in the west. I managed to split the center favorable. It is needless to say KataGo did not approve of this.

:b106: was due to misreading. I had hallucinated that :w109: had to be an empty triangle.

After that it was really close but I only lost 3-4 points versus computer evaluation in what remained of the endgame. Of course, I had gambled on being able to hold a tight endgame and that the split in the center was good enough. I was never sure if I'd make it.

I don't recall winning with 3 stones before and it really was as if KataGo was affected by the Christmas spirit.

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