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 Post subject: Adding ING and AGA rules?
Post #1 Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:14 am 
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ITS a simplified interpretation of ING+AGA Tendō rules (with the ko stone from luigi)
0-The player with the highest Total Territory wins; in cases of equal points, the earlier plying player wins. Territory of a player is any intersection along which all routes thorough line segments to a an intersection of a different state ends only at intersections of that player state. Total Territory of a player is the players territory minus the player lenses in the prisoner plate. Plays made before all player are allowed to ply are number ply 0.1, ply 0.2, and so on, with the number of any such plays set beforehand in a handicap agreement. All intersections on the board begin the bout in the state of empty. All lenses start the bout in the bowl. At the start of the bout, any komi lenses are transferred from the bowl to the prisoner plate.

1-The playing area consists of the board, an array of line segments; the lenses, with the clock having as many lenses as are teams and every other player having as many as the total number of intersections on the board divided by the number of players other than the clock, rounded down; the bowl

2-A ply can start with a play or a pass. A play places a lens on an intersection in the state of empty, changing it's state to that of the player, then transferring any lenses of a different player on intersections that are now territory to the prisoner plate, changing those intersections state to empty. A pass transfers a lens of that player from the bowl to the prisoner plate. A ply finishes with the clock/clear either a) place a clock/clear lens on any intersection that any player could play to return the board to the state it was at the start of the current ply, or, if there are no such intersections, a) transfer a clock/clear lens from the prisoner plate to the bowl. A player cannot make a play that would leave lenses of that player on intersections that are the territory of another player. If a player is unable to make a legal play, the count starts immediately; refer to section 0. If a player makes an illegal play, they resign. If a player runs out of time, every ply they make is a pass. If every player passes in their ply, each player points to intersections within which they believe other players have lenses on intersections that will become their territory (in the same order). If every player passes again after this, all marked lenses go to the prisoner plate and the count begins; refer to section 0.

3-Standard timing is byo-yomi, but it can have additional elements.

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