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Ultimate Lentear Rules Draft?
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Author:  Elom0 [ Thu Aug 11, 2022 6:36 am ]
Post subject:  Ultimate Lentear Rules Draft?

A combination between Passless Lentears and Ultimate Go

All locations start under direct neutral control, then players alternate taking direct control of locations.
Direct control of connected locations are lost if it's not that controller's turn and they all fall under one different indirect control other than neutral.
Indirect control of connected locations under the same direct control is given proportionally to the players with direct control of the immediately surrounding locations.

At the beginning of the game, it can be agreed that some players may not yet start taking control of locations until certain other players having taken direct control of a location a certain number of times.

Standard Scoring
When either a player has taken direct control of a location more than: the total number of locations divided the number of players, plus the fewest number of times between that player and another player that one has removed direct control of a location from the other, the total of this process among the player and all the other players.

Or: it wouldn't possible for a player to take control of at least two locations under simultaneously without losing control of them when their turn ends
Or: they play a move that results in the same player to move in the same location control layout as either their previous turn or turn before that
Or: A players direct control of a location is lost during another players turn before they move and then that player removes the players direct control of a location, and then all of that happens for every other player before the turn again of the player.
Or: they choose to discontinue movement
They discontinue movement.
When all players discontinue movement, every player gains victory points equal to: one divided by the number of players for each player they have a higher total of either: indirectly controlled points minus the number of times direct control of a point had been lost minus any number of times they've removed direct control of a location from a player more than that player has to them if they've done so more than that player
Or: if both players agree beforehand, indirectly controlled points plus the number of controlled points.
Or: if both players agree beforehand, the average of the differences in score from both methods.
In a two player even game, the player to move first is considered to have taken control of 7 locations and then lost that control to the opponent. This is score compensation for first move or komi.

Standard Location layout
19^2 locations in a regular quadrilateral layout.

Semi-Standard Location layout
(13+6n)^2d locations in a regular quadrilateral or regular hexagon, where n is an integer and d is 1

Quarter-standard sizes
(13+6n)^2d locations in a regular quadrilateral or regular hexagon, n and d are any real number.

Seven of the lenses for each colour would be double-sided with it's opposite colour, meaning there would be 14 double-side black and white lenses, the same being true for magenta and green, cyan and red, yellow and blue, in multiplayer sets.

Author:  Elom0 [ Wed Sep 21, 2022 8:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ultimate Lentear Rules Draft?

A simpler way to phrase it:

Each player has 180 stones and must play a move every turn unless they've run out of playable stones. They alternate play with the darker colour going first. Stones are removed from the board and return to being playable if they could not continually shift between adjacent stones of the same colour to be adjacent to an empty point. Captured stones are the amount of stones one player has removed from the board in excess of the opponent with the least stones of theirs removed from the board, and can't be used to make a play. The player with the greater sum of: points on the board the opponent can't play, minus stones of that player that are captured, wins.

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