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Author:  dhu163 [ Thu Jan 21, 2021 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DH records

I was surprised you didn't cut outside for 34 or later as I thought that was the joseki, but presumed it was some newer variation than my knowledge that you had researched.

some variations already in the file. but yes, I have researched it somewhat. I know the first few key moves but not what next. So I knew I was playing the right moves up to that point. Still, I've lost several times playing that joseki both against humans and AI. My only wins were the matches vs Tanguy, Lucas and now Geert. And even in those games, every time I got a local loss.

>I trained hard for this game, expecting Rob Van Zeist....

Out of interest, what kind of training do you do

L&D:, EGF academy. I've worked on 101weiqi's daily set pretty much every day.
Playing against KG 30-90 moves (i.e. until I get 10 points behind)
Analyse other PETC games with AI. I tend to go very slowly so have only gone through 1.5 so far.
Play go online

From my AI analysis of this game, KG's suggested sabaki with my weak group had several miraculous moves, based on the fact B's cutting groups were very heavy concerning the ko, especially those revolving around the K11 cut. There's a lot to learn from it. It already wanted to tenuki when I was scared of death every move from move 108. Of course I was also scared of death in the lower right ...
My play on the lower side was pretty shoddy too as the carpenter's square looks close to death. I regretted not playing M2 instead almost immediately.

Author:  dhu163 [ Wed Mar 10, 2021 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DH records

"Surprisingly relaxing win". A quick win by annihilating my opp Matias Pankoke. It felt like my opp played very badly playing tight moves against my thick groups that were easy to refute. But it turns out that with AI analysis, I played pretty well too, including move 108 that the AI disagreed with saying it was worse by 2 points until 200k playouts after which it said it was the best by 0.7 points. I am pretty pleased to be told that move 72 was perfect locally as it wasn't my first instinct.

I added up the the 12 times out of 55 that my move wasn't KG's top move, summing the winning percentage and score discrepancy with the top move, and got:

WP 68.2 Score 7.7

This must be a personal record by far in terms of minimising mistakes. I'm sure that on a normal game of mine, my score discrepancy would be 50-400 points. Even my last game against this opponent (I am 3-0 up now), I was winning by 25 points in the end but was 80 points up at one point and missed many chances to save a group.

It seems we misset komi

In other news I am playing in a casual online league.
Ho Yeung Woo: Win: I started with a poor opening from me and aggressive play from my opp. It was a tough fight in the centre as he was so thick. However, when he submissively made life on the second line, I killed lots of cutting stones in the centre with my weak group. I was leading by 20, but my endgame was terrible and won by 5.5
Elian Grigoriu: Win: I researched a joseki so gained in the opening, both missed some big moves in a corner, played some perfect sabaki sequence against his 3-3 moyo, and perfect defense just backing off against his 3-3 invasion. I played softly when he attacked my sabaki group, letting him connect when apparently I should have counter-attacked already and tried to save everything. He tried to use his weak group to attack one of my groups and I killed one of them on a large scale. Leading by 80 points, I skillfully made life for my only other weak group 2, but perhaps due to lack of sleep, missed how he short my liberties, threatening to save cutting stones. I made a seond eye with the group he was attacking that was already in a one eye kills no eye situation. He killed my big group 2. I won by 7.5 points, losing another 10 points in endgame.
Matias Pankoke: Win: I gained a lot in the opening after an unreasonable cut and when he took away an eye of my wall in gote, but played too softly just connecting my stones so all his weak groups lived and I was only ahead by 10 points at move 40 or so. He continued to lose points in the corners in order to reduce my wall, including when I played a 3-3 invasion into a shimari where I only had ko for life, in order to use my thickness and to try to attack the shimari. We both played pretty solidly, I increased my lead to 20 points. He tenukied when I threatened that shimari group and I killed it in a way where my surrounding groups where unconditionally alive. He cut off a big group of mine in return, but the AI repeatedly said I could make life. For 20 moves I missed tesujis, and failed to live. The score bar would jump 40 points every move we played. I was ahead by around 25 at the end due to poor endgame from me and my dead group.
Lucas Neirynck: Win: I was leading the whole game almost after a weird joseki choice. There was only one move where I overplayed and suddenly he had a ko for the entire lower side and corner that I couldn't remove, even though I could tenuki and it would still be ko. He would have been 20 points ahead but missed it and my group was unconditionally alive. My highest lead was around 10 points, but it gradually disappeared somehow when I failed to manufacture big enough ko threats for a ko for my corner's life. I won by 2.5.
Valerii Krushelnitskyi: Loss: The game was close the whole way through, mostly within +/-5 points. I messed up a joseki in the first few moves but he messed up the follow up to the refutation. I underestimated a cutting point where he was very thick and missed a cut of his at a critical point. My defence of my own side territories was fairly flawed and in the end, missed a chance to grow my area by attacking his group. I failed to kill his reduction and lost by 5.5.

I used to be proud of my endgame, but the evidence lately is that my endgame has become relatively full of mistakes.

Pandanet 20-21 ETC 6.sgf [37.66 KiB]
Downloaded 156 times

Author:  Uberdude [ Thu Mar 11, 2021 6:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DH records

Nicely done Daniel :tmbup:

Re his 35 hane rather than jump, hane was also my instinct. Although I know of the clamp, it's not a natural move for me.

Author:  dhu163 [ Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DH records

won my last two games in the casual league against Javier A-Savolainen and Amir Fragman by resign after 40 point margins again. Came 2nd on 6/7. Valerii got 7/7!

Well, I have been lucky enough so far to avoid coronavirus. Also lucky enough to start a new job project recently.

Ever since AI, I felt improving at Go seemed more pointless and I have that feeling again.

My training pre 5d (2013 Nov to 2017 ish):

Lots of KGS games every day, several Go clubs weekly. I started with Nick Sibicky, later Dwyrin and then many hours of Chinese pro videos (tywq, weiqitv) every week (or even day), lots of NHK and KBS cup too without understanding the language. bought no books but did skim 1 or 2 I think,

I'm not sure I thought of it as training, but more an addiction. I think I liked to record my games and theorise (nonsense) about what I was doing wrong. If I had a theory question, I read Sensei's library. I think I was relatively good at endgame and reading on the board with patience to calculate more, but weak at instinct and didn't have enough tsumego experience. I think I had some preliminary ideas to CGT without having heard of it, but was particularly curious about things that sound like they make sense but we can't prove like "play on wider direction etc." . Perhaps it was jarring to my experience of mathematical proof.

2017-2019 stalling at 5d:

pretty much as above + AI reviews + watch lots of AI games, but less and less of everything. KGS, Pandanet games tending to zero, leaving only games at (very few) tournaments.

Helped organise ICGT 2018, though looking back, I'm not sure I managed to contribute much. It was completely outside my normal experience and hence pretty interesting though. Passed (but terribly) in my degree. Some new (Taiwanese?) channels appeared on youtube in Chinese (e.g. GoGo) that I followed. Tried to program a small neural net to play tictactoe and failed. Tried to analyse neurons in leelazero and got too many bugs. Got an IT job.

confidence boosting to reach this Go level. But unsure why the stall occurred when I was training like I used to. (perhaps because I was ??)

2019 Dec - Now:

Nothing much in terms of training other than very heavy AI reviews after each game (like the whole next day), but somehow reached 6(-7d?) in strength though not officially. And keeping a scarily high winrate on PETC. Dangerously ego boosting. I have noticed the potential pun on the name of this thread.

Stopped following youtube channels almost completely now.
I still feel a bit weak at tsumego, but have included it in my routine more recently. My endgame has gone down the drain compared to my new skills in large scale fighting, especially in punishing my opponent's mistakes. But it remains hard to verbalise any of this instinct. I wrote a couple of "papers", available on LGC, but I feel they are pretty poor quality compared to what I could do, lacking in research, and containing flaws in thinking.


I wasn't so sure of my direction. I dreamed of pro a little at one point, but I think it doesn't make sense now. But I think I would like to do some writing about Go. I'm not sure mentioning my goals here is so helpful, but it worked well enough last time (2017 British Champion :P).

TBH, I wrote around 40 pages of explaining maths theory of Go (+some new research) + 60 pages of mess around 1.5 years ago. But I haven't really got round to organising it into presentable form, nor clarifying the mess, nor verbalising new ideas. I have no excuse for not making full use of quiet time over the past year. Still, I find as I read more papers that my latest thoughts are often on the right lines towards the results in those papers. Perhaps I can still make progress. Hopefully my maths ability hasn't completely gone down the drain or else I will be an embarrassment to my username.

So my goals in Go for the next year(s) in priority order:

1. Presentable book style of what I have written so far + extensions. Not sure about publishing. I'm not sure there will be much audience for such topics anyway, but I still think it's worth organising current knowledge into a coherent course sequence of material. I had never heard of most of it before I started investigating.
2. Do more research into existing mathematical research in Go. I have used only free resources so far, so I may consider buying some classics, such as Mathematical Go.
3. Do some Go research of my own if I can.
4. British Champion once more

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