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 Post subject: Welcome to Life in 19x19 / Forum Rules
Post #1 Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:08 pm 
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Welcome to the Lifein19x19 Forums! We'd like you to have the best experience here possible, so as with all forums, we have several rules and guidelines here that we'd like the community to try and follow. This list is subject to change at any time.

1. Personal Attacks
Remember the Golden Rule: do to others what you would like to be done to you. Trolling, flaming, bashing, or otherwise verbally attacking anyone is not allowed. When writing about a move that a member made, ensure all criticism is directed towards the member's move rather than the member. Also, please consider that not every member in the forums is a native English speaker as you write your post.

2. Controversy
Religious, political, and sexual topics are not allowed. Keep debates civil, and respect that everyone does not share the same view as you do. "Baiting” people by writing anything controversial is not allowed. If the debate becomes too heated or the thread just goes out of control, it will be locked or deleted if the content is found to be lacking or distasteful.

3. Meaningless Posts
Keep posts relevant to the topic and make sure to use the edit button when appropriate. Don't post for the sake of post counts. Spam is not allowed. Also, personal conversations between members should be done via Private Messaging, not in a thread.

4. Signatures
Keep the size of your signature within reason. As a general rule of thumb, if your signature takes up more than 400 x 100 of space and/or 150kb of data, it is probably too large and may be edited. The content of your signature should be relevant to you and may not contain advertising or anything unrelated to you or Go.

5. Advertising
Posting or private messaging advertisement is not allowed. However, if the advertisement is for your own product, it is Go-related, and it's not intrusive to the forums, then it is allowable to have it in your signature and brought up in threads only when appropriate (e.g: someone asks for places to buy Go bowls, and you have a site that sells Go bowls. In this case, it's allowable to post a link to your site).
When advertising for lessons, please use the designated forum.

6. Piracy
Posts requesting for anything illegal or copyrighted are not allowed. Links to sites that host warez or torrents for illegal content will be removed at once.

7. Images
Pornographic, violent, or otherwise obscene images are not allowed. As a general rule of thumb, if the image is more explicit than PG-13 or may cause controversy it will probably be removed.

8. Disagreements
If you have a problem with another member, or if you disagree with something that a mod or an admin has done, please do not air your grievances on the forum. That disrupts other member's enjoyment of the forum. Instead, send a PM to an admin. ( We're the ones with our names in red )

9. Multiple Accounts
Do not create multiple accounts. Do not create new accounts to circumvent moderator action, conceal your identity, or for other purposes. Additional accounts may be permitted for technical reasons - please contact a moderator or admin beforehand if you believe this applies to you.

In the event that a member violates the rules, we will follow the "three strikes" policy.
  1. If a member violates a rule for the first time, a verbal warning will be given.
  2. If a member violates a rule for the second time within the last six months, a suspension will be placed on the members' account. The duration of the suspension may vary, depending on the extremity of the violation.
  3. If a member persists on violating the rules after the second time, either a longer suspension will be placed on the members' account or, if worst comes to worst, the member will be banned from the forums.

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 Post subject: No fun with nuns
Post #2 Posted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:31 pm 
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Some member who has since left wrote:
You're just out to get me!


Actually, we're not. Indeed, that is precisely what we are trying NOT to do. We don't want to have to be deciding which post is insulting or which post is obscene, and we don't want to be spending our time harrassing people who offend, nor trying to placate those who feel offended. We would rather be playing go.

So we post some general rules, hoping that members will read the details and infer the spirit of the rules. Then everyone can enjoy this site with a minimum of fuss.


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 Post subject: Re: Welcome to Life in 19x19 / Forum Rules
Post #3 Posted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 3:28 pm 
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I usually don't read rules. "Contribute and don't be an idiot" is enough as a guideline.

Sanity is for the weak.

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 Post subject: Re: Welcome to Life in 19x19 / Forum Rules
Post #4 Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:54 pm 

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Question: what is the copyright/licensing status of comments made on L19x19? Has it been discussed, or is it the default legal status that applies to comments made on a privately owned but publicly accessible forum? (Paging Kirkmc...)

Edit: I see this has been touched on elsewhere. viewtopic.php?f=14&t=221&p=1734#p1734

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