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Hello from Yukon, Canada
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Author:  esp803 [ Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Hello from Yukon, Canada

Hello Internets,

Having had a bit of rough 2020, I began looking for a new hobby to distract me and through some sort of internet/youtube hole, stumbled upon the AlphaGo documentary. It very much caught my attention, and led to me digging out a Go board I had purchased years ago with the intent to learn. I've decided to give it another go (that was unintentional, and terrible, and I'm sorry). I would say I'm enough of a beginner to not have a rank at this point, and am eager to learn. I'd love to find someone(s) who would be keen to play over zoom/skype/other as I learn better when able to listen and talk to someone (as much as I enjoy getting killed by an AI time after time...) I believe there is a tiny go club here in the Yukon, but I think Covid has all but halted the gatherings.

About myself:

I've had an exciting career as a pilot, and run a photography business on the side (who doesn't these days). In my younger years I competed nationally in Shotokan Karate and had achieved a rank of Nidan. I'm an avid sci-fi reader / watcher. I have a dog, she's a hell raising shit-disturber, but I love her.

Anyways, I find Go fascinating and I'm looking forward to learning.



Author:  Farodin [ Thu Jan 07, 2021 3:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from Yukon, Canada

Hi there, and welcome to Go!

Unfortunately I have little time for Go at the moment (also, I live in Europe, so... timezones...), but I would recommend dropping by the Open Study Room if you're looking for a community with a Discord. Also, our local Go club is holding our club evenings online at the moment because of the pandemic, you can always ask the folks of the Yukon club to meet them online.

You can also create a Study Journal in this forum if you like. From time to time there will be some members checking in and giving some tips/comments.

Enjoy the ride!

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