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Reviving the ASR League on Kaya
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Author:  daal [ Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:36 am ]
Post subject:  Reviving the ASR League on Kaya

Since September of last year, the ASR has been running a league on Kaya, and although the league got off to a good start with 277 games played in the first month, interest has steadily declined, to the point where we're now down to less than 20 players. I assume that we're pretty close to the bottom, so it must be time to reverse the trend. :)

I think it would be useful to start by looking at some of the reasons that the league is not proving successful, and then to offer up a few ideas on how best to deal with the problems.

My impression is that both the ASR and Kaya have contributed to the current state of affairs. The ASR started the collaboration while Kaya was still unstable, which at times made for a frustrating experience and put off quite a few users. Also the ASR changed the structure a few times, first adding a class, which made it harder to get games and then removing it when people started dropping out, which perhaps gave the league a somewhat unserious air.

Part of the problem with starting the league while Kaya was (is) still in a beta stage, has been that some features which are important to the ASR - particularly reviewing tools - had not or have still not been implemented, or were (are) difficult to use - particularly to those unfamiliar with the Kaya approach.

In general, my impression is that some people are big Kaya fans, while others view it as a interesting approach that might someday live up to it's potential, but is currently for one reason or another problematic so they don't spend much time there. As a consequence, the player base on kaya and particularly of the Kaya ASR is small, which leads to fewer games.

Lastly, I would like to say that Gabriel has been very active adding features to improve the league experience, and has been quick to respond to suggestions and complaints. I personally believe that there are a number of reasons that Kaya will eventually make for a great ASR experience, and particularly such unique features as automatic translation and the built-in ability to make malkovitch comments can take the ASR to a new level.

So, what do you think should be done?

Author:  SimeonG [ Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Reviving the ASR League on Kaya


Not sure it will help or anything but (and sorry for my english...) :

It's clear that Kaya ASR is now small, and not super-active. By example most of the time I'm ready and free for a game, people are at work or sleeping.

A way to schedule games sounds like a nice idea, but "add the ability ..." well players could/should get into the habit to do it by themselves (did we really need such a feature ?)
As far as I know PM are not working very well for live discussion, but it's ok for letting a message to a player for next connection.

I mean, Kaya has a lot of things to improve which are more urgent in my opinion :)

About cor games, could be a nice idea but I see 2 problems :
    1- How to be sure game will be stopped at the end of the month ?
    2- By example, when I play a cor game, I will not necessary use time settings like my opponent : I don't think really more than a game with slow time settings (but "in real time"). This is because I haven't always time for that. It's more like I use it because I would play less if I wasn't having that possibility. That imply a kind of handicap for a such league where cor/real time games are mixed.

And eventually, promotional activities are nice. I remember some events on KGS.
Rank difference between "Top" and "Bottom" of Kaya Class is really big (roughtly 1d to 20k). What about some teaching games ? Or some things like that. I mean I can take some times to review games of players of ASR in a public event.
I said me, but it also would be a player who like teaching and who have the rank for the game to be commented.

Sorry, it maybe don't help a lot, but if I can help I surely will :)

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