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 Post subject: "My YouTube Obsessions" or "Tenuki to YouTube"
Post #1 Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2021 3:23 pm 
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I haven't been around here, in a while, and I found myself in the off-topic section, upon my return, and, for no known reason, I suddenly thought, "hey, finally! a community that might appreciate my raving about my YouTube obsessions!"

Feel free to ignore me. I've been raving about them in-real-life, too, if it's any consolation. (All my friends have stopped talking to me.)

On the other hand, if you, like me, appreciate these silly things, PLEASE recommend more! I need my fix!

Without further ado...

I cannot stop watching 3blue1brown's videos on mathematics. ( I finally feel like I have some kind of concept of what a Quaternion is, now! (If I hear anything about "gimbal lock" when the currently-under-construction moon mission is broadcast on the telly, I'm going to giggle.) Conversely, I now also am absolutely certain that I understand nothing at all about the complex plane, despite having three years of undergraduate pure-maths, and applied, beneath my belt -- it's all chaos! (Honestly, if any of my mathematics professors had ever actually SHOWN us why what we were wrangling with was "cool".....)

And then there's Leo, rebuilding the Gaff Cutter, Tally Ho: I'm a wood-worker and I first fell in love with his slow shots of his sharp chisels pressing firmly into the final cut of a perfectly 90° (W.L.O.G.) inside corner of a join in some lovely hardwood. Plus boats and curves and springing battons and measuring "to the nearest boat" and pouring lead and caulking and dogs and parrots and volunteers exhibiting real-life character development as the project moves ever onwards... I wish I could work to that level. I wish I could have been an apprentice under such a master. An inspiration for anyone who makes anything out of any kind of stuff -- the YouTube equivalent of sitting in a glass-blower's forge, watching them work. Or any kind of master at their craft, I suppose.

To round off my top three comes Balz Müller ( ... YpiDiZKXNQ), a swiss, free-style windsurfer who, apart from sometimes showing some windsurfing (I windsurf!), just has such a lovely, innocent way of making entirely amateurish but endearing clips (albeit on the short side) of people having good, clean fun on things that go fast upon liquids... and sometimes snow. If it looks like a board or a pair of skis and has either potential energy, kinetic energy or a sail to drive it, it's fair game for shenanigans and he, recently becomming a father, has long been a daddy of shenanigans.

Feed me, L19. I need more.
(Other video publication portals exist. Your mileage may vary.)

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Post #2 Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2021 7:43 pm 
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