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 Post subject: 100 free Go books and a question about Go Shops
Post #1 Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2023 1:38 am 
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Hello everyone!

Recently in the Multilingual Go Book Project, we completed the full translation of the Romanian version and in the announcement I had mentioned about printing 100 books of that version and sending to the translator of the book, mr. Stihi who has a lot of plans for promoting Go. I am happy to say that those books arrived today at my home and there is only one more step left towards their destination:


As good as those news are, I wouldn't create a new topic just for such an announcement, but there is something I'd like to inquire you about, in case someone can provide some help/feedback/information.

In all the previously printed copies in English I had distributed the books myself, with people just sending me their address, but that was very inefficient, even if the whole thing seems to be popular as a process and the last six distributed copies were not enough to cover the people that asked for a book.

At 2020 I had this idea of printing some books and colaborating with a formal Go shop, so they could take care of that and, even though the book would remain free, they would profit indirectly. I was only aware of Hebsacker-verlag, so that's where I sent my proposal which I will explain/attach soon. I never got an answer, so maybe they weren't interested, maybe they didn't see it or thought it was some prank or maybe they were too busy and just forgot about it. Be that as it may, I still consider it as an "open case" so the question is:

Does anyone have any connection with a Go Shop (Hebsacker-verlag included) that is willing to take up the distribution of the book?

Here is the "business plan" proposed back then. The idea remains the same (I did minor tweaks to the original text, mainly adding the "and other languages", since there have been more translations produced since 2020):

"Recently I printed 25 books in Greek and English, in a very good quality of cover and paper and I managed to fulfill the project's goal of also having a printed version of the book that can be distributed for free. I sent one book already to someone in England and the shipping from Greece for a book weighing 550grams was 15.5 euro, which fortunately the person receiving the book kindly reimbursed, but I felt that this is a suboptimal way of distribution. A couple of days ago I ordered from your shop a travel Goban set and I noticed that the shipping of merchandise of up to 5kg cost 16 euro (the same amount I paid for a 1/10th of the weight) and in that regard I have this proposal which, I believe, will benefit everyone involved: you, the players/readers and myself.

If I could send you copies in English and other languages, and you included them in your shop as free to purchase items, then the following benefits would arise:

Benefits for your shop:

- Of course the book will still have to cost zero euros to the customers and be free to purchase, but you will still be making a profit, since I will be advertising your shop and I will be sending anyone that wants a physical copy of the book to your online link. Considering that once a customer is set to pay for the shipping cost, they will be keen to buy more equipment and merchandise, since they will have 4.5kg of more things to buy until they hit the next increment in the shipping cost increase.

- You will attract some new customers that might have not heard of the shop and you will gain some traction in markets that speak other languages.

- The whole venture costs you nothing practically, in terms of money, since I will be sending you the books without any cost for you and the customers will be paying for the shipping to their location.

Benefits for the Go players:

- They can get a free book via an already existing shop with a lot of other Go related merchandise, without the fuss of having to send money via PayPal to someone and exchanging multiple emails to arrange things.

- Germany is in the center of EU, so a lot of people will pay less shipping than what they'd had to pay to receive the book from Greece

- With the same amount of shipping money they can receive multiple Go books and/or equipment and spend more money in your shop (as mentioned earlier). Shipping costs are actually very important for a lot of buyers.

Benefits for myself:

- Just like the customers I will not have to exchange multiple emails in order to ship one book. I did not make that project to make money and I am very reluctant about asking people to pay the shipping costs and I leave that to their discretion/choice. With all those benefits for everyone, the cost of sending you all those books seems totally worth it.

So, this is my proposal. I'll be looking forward to your answer and if you think that it is worth considering I will be sending you pictures of the final printing of the book, so that you can see that the quality of the printed outcome is indeed worthy of your shop."

That was the proposal. If anyone can help with this, I'd be very greatful :salute:
Be well!

Ok, I can Go now ...

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