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 Post subject: Re: FREE Download of Moyo Go Studio 2009 and game packs
Post #121 Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:26 pm 
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[Mod]Okay, this thread is officially done. A brief summary:

Frank made Moyo Go Studio, and eventually made it available for free download. He has given permission for it to be hosted by others, as tchan mentioned above.

Some people have two concerns about his software: first, Frank has unpopular political beliefs that are unrelated to go. As discussing politics is against the forum policy, I will not go into them here, but I believe that information on his beliefs can be found elsewhere to those who wish to learn more. Second, games used in the software seem to have been taken from other sources without permission. For more information, read elsewhere in this thread.

There, now you're fully informed on the issues at hand. Now you can choose to download or not download the posted software, free to make the decision for yourself.

For information on what I'm doing: Everything after tchan's post was no longer regarding the software itself. Much was either political (against forum policy) or personal attacks (also against policy). Two warnings were given, but political posts and attacks continued. Both sides of the debate agreed that, as long as the other side's political posts were removed as well, they would be content. As a result, I have removed everything after tchan's post from the thread. I did not delete the posts, but moved them to the admin/mod area, in case the information is needed later. I am locking the thread itself, as the announcement is made, copyright objections have been made, and information about the software itself is fairly complete. If you have a problem with my moderator actions in this thread, please let myself or another moderator/admin know. I understand that an active moderator tends to be an unpopular moderator, but both sides were getting heated, and we're here to talk about go, rather than to debate political ideas or attack others. Whether or not I agree with either side is not an issue: I want a go forum, and I want one that won't scare off friendly new members. Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have.

In the next day or so, I will go through this thread, and will remove any political content. Feel free to do so for me, but in any posts I make changes, I will mark the changes with a mod tag. I intend to keep information about the software, and will consider keeping links to external sites that discuss anything that is against policy here. If I do, I will mark those links with a warning that the content is not allowed here.

Edit: Lest there be questions later, Frank posted a few posts before this one, that he granted permission for any to host the software. He said,
FrankdeGroot wrote:
I have decided to remove the Moyo Go download because the files took up nearly 1 GB and I needed the space to backup my new project.

Anyone who has downloaded them hereby gets my permission to turn them into a torrent.

Myself, I do not have the files anymore (nor the sources).

edit again: Frank has since rescinded permission to redistribute his software here: ... 841#p65841 . Please respect his wishes in this regard.


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