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 Post subject: Fuseki help
Post #1 Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 3:17 am 

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Fuseki -- how do you think about which is largest point for white to take next in this simple opening? Thanks

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 Post subject: Re: Fuseki help
Post #2 Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 3:33 am 

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Corners, then sides, then centre would be a good place to start. Also thinking that black's last move was a mistake and where it would have been better is a good clue as to what white could play now.

 Post subject: Re: Fuseki help
Post #3 Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:06 am 

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In the AI era White has to consider the 3-3 invasion in the top right, a play that may have been considered amateurish not too long ago. OTOH, there are a number of plays that are sensible, and unlikely to affect White's chances of winning much at the SDK level, even if they are slightly inferior.

For humans, the personal equation is important. Are there types of positions that you find relatively difficult or easy to play? Aim for those. A position that is objectively a bit inferior but that you play well can be a winner.

Your question suggests that you have reached a position that you are uncomfortable with as White. You may regard it as a learning opportunity; OTOH, you may wish to avoid such positions. One reason you have reached this position is :w8:. Without the exchange, :w8: - :b9:, you might be happy to play on the right side. (But the 3-3 in the top right is still an option, OC.) :w8: is now old-fashioned and a bit questionable. It is a good idea for White to play flexibly, and leave open the options for other plays, such as the 3-8 pincer or the 3-7 attachment.Also, without :b9: on the board, if White makes a low approach to the top right corner, Black will not play the kick against it, because White has the three space extension left.

One thing that may help is to study modern AI fuseki to get some ideas. Also, the AlphaGo teach web site can give you good ideas. ( ). For :w8: AlphaGo suggests the 3-3 invasion in the top right or your approach to the top left. But after Black's keima reply in the top left it does not like White's extension on the left side (another play that is becoming obsolete); instead, it thinks that now is the time to invade the top right corner.

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