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 Post subject: 11kyu vs 12 kyu
Post #1 Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 7:38 am 
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This is a game I played today. Overall, I am rather happy with the game, I had good prospects and cashed in on a big middle territory. While my opponent was making one space jumps into neutral territory, I was making points with every jump.

However, I also feel like maybe I lacked sharpness in this game (and in my game in general).
It'd be very helpful to me if someone could point at some instances where, how and why I could play to gain a bit more sharpness in my play.

My summary of the game (correct me if I'm wrong!);

Black goes for influence quite early in the game and stays consistent in his strategy. White helps black build his moyo by not attacking severely enough, nor reducing it strongly.
White makes a few slow moves in the opening/middle game, from which black profits to gain.
Black plays a bad endgame and loses quite some points.

Additional comments (comments in the file are in Dutch. Analysed it for my Sensei):
- Move 129 should be at F3 for better effect. I play E7 because I read out the variation. Of course, white answers properly.
- Is move 25 a good one in this situation? Or better to play O3 or something?

Thanks for any suggestions!

 Post subject: Re: 11kyu vs 12 kyu
Post #2 Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 7:47 am 
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Some thoughts :)
:b9: blocking at c17 should be better, making a base for yourself while denying one to white. D17 is not a standard approach and w should end with a worse position than black (Shusaku's kosumi is when white approaches at e17).
:b15: black's stick in the upper left probably needs something more to be happy. Maybe an extension along the side? Although that would let w play the hane at g16, so maybe b playing here or at g17 would be better (maybe b should have played 13 at G16 to keep ahead of white). The two black stones in the bottom right could wait because they can stabilize either by extending on the right side or by playing p3. If black plays here first anyway I'd play p3 which "punishes" white for not extending on the bottom side ( :b15: lets w play around o3 first so w hasn't paid for his tenuki to d17).

 Post subject: Re: 11kyu vs 12 kyu
Post #3 Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 9:35 am 
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I had some time and commented up to move 36. I think your direction of play is improving! And recognizing the need to take the time to fix your shape in the lower right was big.

The only thing that seemed like a big problem was the upper left. I think those stones were much more vulnerable than you realized. To be sure, there were other moves that could have been stronger, but I see people make similar moves at the SDK level ;-)

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 Post subject: Re: 11kyu vs 12 kyu
Post #4 Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 12:26 pm 

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:b9: I would play the 3-3 myself.

:b11: The extension to G-16 is big.

:b13: It still is. But so is the attachment at P-03, which is the sharpest play.

:b19: Good!

:b25: The solid connection looks better.

:b31: Q-14 is more severe.

:b33: Does not threaten much. G-16 is better.

:b35: Looks too close to your strength. G-16. Also, at some point D-06 looks good.

:b37: I still like G-16.

:b43: Given the weakness on the left side, the jump to E-10 looks better. Also, G-16. ;)

:b45: K-16 is more severe.

:b47: Good!

:b49: Not very big. Maybe K-12?

:b53: C-12 is usual. The attachment strengthens White.

:b57: To strengthen yourself H-03 is better, which blocks off the side and threatens to capture a stone. But the severe play is L-07. Can White live? Make him prove it.

:b59: K-09. Go after the White invading stone -- bigly!

:b65: Now how about R-13, S-13, S-12 (crosscut). Black can grab territory. Big.

:w70: Too late!

:b81: B-09. Big.

:b97: Locally the 2d line clamp. G-02, is better. But B-09 is still there, as is S-18.

Below add 100 to the move numbers.

:b17: P-18 is better, as it protects against W Q-18.

:b45: How about R-14, S-14, S-15 (crosscut), threatening to cut off White's corner? Then after White connects, B-09. Edit: Corrected coordinates.

:b55: F-09. Coup de grace!

:b89: Last chance!

Main foci:

1) F-09!!!!!

2) Look for shoulder blows, especially in the opening, for sharp plays.

3) Look for 2d line plays as big yose. Especially the double kosumi (B-09).

4) Look for crosscuts like the ones on the right side, that threaten to cut the opponent in two.

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 Post subject: Re: 11kyu vs 12 kyu
Post #5 Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 10:40 am 
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Thanks for your comments. I definitely need to learn when to use the shoulder hit to play more sharply!

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